Head collision causes early stoppage in Bronco Lara and Josh Warrington fight

Choque de cabezas provoca detención temprana en pelea de Bronco Lara y Josh Warrington

Mauricio “Bronco” Lara and Josh warrington They had a disappointing end in the rematch fight, after a clash of heads caused a cut on the left eyebrow of the Mexican who could no longer continue and a technical tie was declared.

At Headingley Rugby League Stadium on Leeds, England, all were inclined to support the local and it became a scene of war for the Mexican, who even threw liquids on his way to the ring.

When the fight started, the two were open to the exchange, leaving the feeling that the contest would not reach the cards for the amount of power shots that were thrown and connected.

The Bronco sought from the beginning to connect blows underneath Warrington to slow down his movement, while the British was seen to be cautious, with his hands up and throwing very good fists that went into the Mexican.

However, in exchanges also Lara he had his thing, but it showed Josh more respect in the punch of Mauricio, something that didn’t happen in the first confrontation.

Head clash

When they closed the distance, on different occasions they collided heads, anticipating what would come an assault later in which they continued to exchange and in which, again, it was very difficult to qualify.

The Bronco He tried to warn the referee of the clash of heads in the short distance on more than three occasions, until in the final stretch of the second round a wound was opened in his left eye that was very spectacular and no longer allowed him to continue.

When I come back Lara to his corner, immediately the reaction was one of surprise and regret, knowing that he could no longer continue at the same time as Mauricio got upset.

After the minute of rest, the referee went to see him, observed the cut and asked the doctor to check him, and after consulting with the corner they decided to stop the fight.

The fight ended in a technical draw.

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