“I hope they knock him out”: Timothy Bradley and the harsh criticism against Óscar Valdez

Timothy Bradley

Timothy bradley, a former world champion and boxing analyst, wishes that Oscar Valdez get knocked out on September 10th when I fight Robson Conceicao.

“I hope they knock him out, I hope so, I hope for a miracle,” he commented. Bradley in the program New State of Boxing by ESPN. “If this doesn’t change and the fight takes place, I hope they knock him out. And I am a fan of Oscar ValdezI’m hurt by this, it really hurts. “

The reason for the anger of Tim It is because he said he was a fan of the Sonoran and considered that regardless of the resolution that the Athletic Commission of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe neither him CMB, the fight should not take place.

Oscar will make his first defense of the super featherweight belt of the CMB against Conceicao, a former Olympic Brazilian boxer who is 16-0 with eight knockout victories.

Valdez won the 130-pound championship last February, when he knocked out Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt.

I said on national TV that this guy is my hero after he defeated Berchelt”He added Bradley. “This situation hurts my stomach and I think whatever it is, nobody cares, you tested positive, so everyone can think what they want and I think you’re dirty.”

The words of Tim bradley They did not go unnoticed on social networks and some people began to criticize him, but the former champion responded.

“My opinion is not professional, but testing positive is it?” Twitter. “Let’s be consistent.”

Oscar’s situation

Oscar Valdez tested positive for phentermine in a sample taken on August 13 as part of the program WBC Clean Boxing together with VADA.

A council with specialists was immediately installed to analyze the situation and the Athletic Commission of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe decided to continue with the combat, because the substance is not used to improve performance.

The CMB He will be monitoring Valdez for the next 12 months and if he repeats, he will be suspended indefinitely.

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