“I want to clean up my loss”: Warrington wants third fight with Lara after draw in rematch

Quiero limpiar mi derrota: Warrington quiere tercera pelea con Lara tras empate en revancha

Josh warrington He was dissatisfied with the technical draw in which his rematch fight against Mauricio “Bronco” Lara and he wants to face him for the third time in order to avenge his defeat last February.

“I keep saying it,” he said. Warrington in interview for DAZN at the end of the fight. “I don’t know what plans my managers have, but I want to fix this, clean up my defeat. After the first round, I felt like this could be my fight. We did so much promotion, so many people came. I feel disappointed. I can only offer my apologies, and tell you that eventually my redemption will come. “

The fight ended at the end of the second round. An accidental clash of heads caused a large cut on the left eyebrow of Mauricio Lara and both the doctor and the referee decided not to let him continue. For having finished in the second round, the rematch fight between Lara and Warrington It ended in a technical draw, and in turn, the rivalry was left without definitions.

The disappointment was evident in the fighters, in the crowd that filled the arena in Leeds, the hometown of Warrington, and even in the narrators of DAZN.

“I am very disappointed, very disappointed,” he said. Warrington. “All these people paid money to see me have my redemption tonight. But these things happen. I opened the fight by landing a good punch in the first round. It was being a good clash of styles, a very active fight. I am absolutely disappointed. “

The fight was over when it was starting to heat up. Both fighters were active, up front, and willing to trade.

“After the first round, he fought very well,” he said. Warrington. “In the first round, I felt like I was able to knock him down. Obviously, we had a fight plan and we were executing it. I think we were doing well ”.

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