In the mouth of the wolf: Mauricio Lara was received in a hostile way by English fans upon his arrival before the fight

Recibimiento a Mauricio Lara en Leeds, Inglaterra

Mauricio “Bronco” Lara lived a hostile environment in his revenge fight against Josh warrington since he arrived at Headingley Rugby League Stadium on Leeds, England.

With just under 20 thousand attendees, at the home of Warrington, The Bronco It went against the current in a very hostile environment from the first moment.

In the van that transported them from the concentration hotel to the stadium, a guard had to make way for them and when people saw them go by, they began to signal and offend him.

When it was time to get off, some English fans were already waiting for him to boo him and shout things at him, but he took it well and only greeted them.

That did not end there. After a warm presentation from the attendees to Josh warrington in which they sang Sweet caroline and the former champion had a very striking exit to the ring, the moment of the Mexican arrived.

The Bronco came out with the song Long live Mexico, long live America with a jorongo in which was a bronco and a mariachi hat.

Photo: Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing

During the way to the ring, which was very fast and was guarded by several security guards, they also threw a glass of liquid at him.

Already in the presentation of both boxers, the stadium gave itself to Warrington and although they booed MauricioThey were very respectful when Michael Buffer appointed him.

Result of the fight

After two rounds in which there were many exchanges of power and the two connected, a header prevented Mauricio Lara continue in the fight and a technical draw was declared.

Josh warrington He was disappointed by the result and asked for the third match between the two to take place soon.

For its part, social networks saw several shots of the cut that El Bronco suffered in the left eyebrow.

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