Jorge Delgado elected new president of the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee

Jorge Delgado elected new president of the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee

The former Olympic swimmer in the 70s for Ecuador Jorge Delgado Panchana won this Saturday the elections to preside over the Ecuadorian Olympic Committee (COE) until 2025, thanks to the casting vote of the outgoing president of said body, Augusto Morán.

Two lists attended the process, the one commanded by Delgado and another by the former president of the COE, Danilo Carrera, and at the time of the vote there was a tie of 37 votes for each list, so it was necessary to resort to the Statute of the COE to decide To the winner.

“Article 16 of the Ordinary or Extraordinary General Assembly will be chaired by the president of the COE (Augusto Morán) or whoever takes his place, who will also have the casting vote, in the event of a tie in the voting. The head of the the General Secretariat. In the absence of the Secretary, the Assembly will designate an Ad-Hoc Secretary, from among its members, “says the article that the Assembly used to break the first position for president of the COE.

The incoming president, who has become the first Olympic athlete to achieve the maximum dignity of the local Olympic entity, said that he expects “the collaboration of Danilo Carrera and everyone, because they are friends of mine and of the Board of Directors. Today Ecuadorian sport has triumphed. ”.

After the results were known, Carrera approached Delgado, both merging in a big hug, then Carrera raised his hand as a sign of full recognition of the former swimmer’s triumph.

While Andrea Sotomayor, who served as the Secretary of Sports until last April, and who today was part of the Carrera list, did not rule out the possibility that several of his fellow leaders may present an appeal to the result of today’s elections.

For his part, the second vice president of the new COE Board of Directors, Manuel Bravo, told Efe that “today’s victory is not for any manager, but for Ecuadorian sports, for which we must continue working together and immediately.”

The process, which was carried out at the COE headquarters, in the city of Guayaquil, was observed and endorsed by a delegate-member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Panamsport (Pan-American Sports Organization), the Nicaraguan Juan Santiago Estrada.

Delgado has been part of the last COE Boards and, especially, as Head of Mission in various competitions such as the Olympic Games, and in the 70s he was one of the most prominent local athletes, as he set records in Ecuador and abroad. .

He reached fourth place at the 1972 Munich Olympics, in the 200-meter butterfly, and seventh at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

The COE Board of Directors was formed as follows:

President, Jorge Delgado Panchana, who presided over the Ecuadorian Swimming Federation.

First Vice President, Rubén Navia Loor, who presided over the Ecuadorian Modern Pentathlon Federation.

The second vice president, Manuel Bravo Calderón, who presided over the Ecuadorian Athletics Federation.

Secretary General, John Zambrano, president of the Ecuadorian Badminton Federation

Treasurer, Miguel Nacer Chavarría, current COE Treasurer, former president of the Ecuadorian Handball Federation (2017 – 2021)

First member, Esteban Abedrabo, president of the Ecuadorian Federation of Equestrian Sports

Second member, Francisco Torres, president of the Ecuadorian Golf Federation

Third member, Lorena Arroyo, president of the Ecuadorian Fencing Federation

Fourth member, Julio Ramírez Mora, president of the Ecuadorian Triathlon Federation

Fifth member, Paúl Calle Calle, president of the Ecuadorian Table Tennis Federation

Sixth member, Alfredo Eguez, representative of the Ecuadorian Swimming Federation

Seventh member, Francisco Carvallo Castro, president of the Ecuadorian Taekwondo Federation

First representative of athletes, Adriana Espinoza de los Monteros, archery athlete at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020

Second representative of athletes, David Farinango Berrú, swimming athlete, Olympic in Tokyo 2020. EFE

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