“No drugs, no champions”: Sunny Edwards criticized the Canelo Team with a shirt that he will put on sale

Playeras de Sunny Edwards "No drugs, no champions"

Sunny edwards, world flyweight champion for the FIB, harshly criticized the Canelo Team with a t-shirt that he will put on sale in which he makes fun of the brand “No Boxing No Life”And will donate the proceeds to the family of Jeanette Zacarias.

“After hundreds (without exaggeration) of people want one of these shirts’No Drugs, No Champions‘I feel like I’m going to sell them and donate the money to the Mexican boxer’s family Jeanette Zacarias, who died from injuries caused in the ring ”, published the English.

“If anyone has any (family) contacts to start doing, let me know,” he added. “I want to get at least 1000 pounds, so I will accept donations of 25 pounds minimum and from my own purse I will pay for shipping anywhere. I will try to contact the family before I do anything else. “

The English boxer has been one of the most critical of the team of Eddy reynoso since the phentermine positive of Oscar Valdez and it all started when he published a photograph with a phrase “No drugs, no champions (Without drugs, there are no champions) ”.

This phrase is a mockery of the brand that Eddy and Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez they have built together of “No Boxing, No Life (No boxing, no life)”.

“Here enjoying my herbal tea in the morning,” he posted Sunny initially, who also shared a video showing the box of shirts he ordered.

“I need help,” he wrote Edwards. “Without drugs, there are no champions. What you think, Eddy reynoso? ”.

“Good morning everyone except Eddy reynoso, his lab rats and the CMB for not stripping Valdez (from his belt), even though he tested positive for a substance that violates the WBC Clean Boxing Program”He added.

“I want to buy one,” replied one user. “This is fun. I recommend that you eat Mexican meat. Without (Mexican) meat, there are no champions. I support you from Japan“.

“Where do I buy or donate?” Asked another user.

Sunny Edwards conflict

The fly champion of the FIB considered that the team of Eddy reynoso can skip the doping controls, after also in April 2018, the Canelo Alvarez would test positive for clenbuterol.

“I am jealous that if I get caught with something in my system, I will get a two-year suspension, but if your fighters take substances that help improve performance, they become ambassadors for your program to clean up boxing,” he posted.

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