Rosario Central vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – September 4, 2021

Rosario Central vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - September 4, 2021

( – Boca beat Rosario Central in Arroyito in the hour 2 to 1, and in addition to cutting a 15-year winless streak at that stadium, they added three valuable points for the Professional League.

In this way, Xeneize adds 14 points in the tournament, and today it is six from the top, so far in the hands of Lanús with 20, although Talleres and Independiente this Sunday could exceed that line.

Central, meanwhile, who had come off two consecutive wins, was left with 10 points.

The truth is that a great game was played in Rosario. Intense, with arrivals and situations, and with two teams that went to seek victory.

The first half was even and entertaining, with situations for both teams. He started better Central against a Boca with doubts and without presence in the midfield.

First Rossi scored the goal with a reaction to pure reflex: the ball hit the crossbar and then there was an infraction by Marco Ruben on the goalkeeper.

And almost immediately, at 11 minutes, the goal came. Ball stopped from a corner kick by Vecchio and the former Boca, now on loan, Gastón Avila, put the 1-0 partial header.

He kept trying Central against a rival who did not react and Rossi became a figure to cover a couple of goal shots.

But as the minutes went by, Boca began to improve, especially on the left wing, where Sández with his climbs was a nightmare.

The centers of the side that took Fabra’s place were sharp and they always found a partner.

Weigandt had it but his header hit the stick; then Vázquez was able to score twice, until in the third, after another center from Sández, his jump and his forehead turned into a goal. They went 36 minutes and the game was 1 to 1.

In the complement, the clash became even more open, since the fatigue in Central began to be noticed and more spaces appeared for the visitor.

Boca began to count on several goal situations: Izquierdoz had it headlong (his forehead was barely deflected), Vázquez lost it hand in hand with Broun after a great pass from Molinas and immediately Pavón finished off and the goalkeeper again covered the goal.

Vecchio had a clear one for Central, but only against Rossi did he finish off. It seemed that everything ended in a draw, until at 44 minutes a pass from Weigandt to Pavón led to a cross that Torrent could not reject and ended up putting the ball against his own goal.

It was a fair victory for Boca, who remains undefeated by Battaglia (10 points out of 12) as DT. Betting on boys from the club (Vázquez, Sández, Molinas, among others) and with a more offensive vocation than Russo, the previous DT, the results began to arrive.

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