Sherman Guity’s gold hit La Sele’s dressing room before facing Mexico

Sherman Guity's gold hit La Sele's dressing room before facing Mexico

The left back of the tricolor, Bryan Oviedo revealed that in the tricolor they have great affection for the medalist in the Paralympic Games

Today is a historic day for Costa Rican sports, Sherman Guity he got a gold medal in the 200m in the T64 category, and with this he extended his legend by being the first Costa Rican athlete to win a medal in these jousts.

That impacted the national team of Costa Rica that prepares to face tomorrow Mexico at the National Stadium, he said so Bryan oviedo, side of the tricolor in a press conference prior to the crucial match.

“Not at all, we always take it into account, any sports partner, because in the end that is what we are, as much as Sherman Guity and other athletes from the Olympic Games that we also saw participate ”, said Oviedo in attention to the media.

During 2017 when Sherman Guity suffered the spectacular accident that resulted in the amputation of his left leg, the prominent Costa Rican athlete visited the facilities of the Fedef Fútbol Sports Complex to be present at an exclusive dinner with the tricolor.

At that time, the team was preparing to travel to the 2018 World Cup in Russia; Bryan oviedo remembered that Sherman Guity found in the tricolor a special place, and they remember it with great appreciation.

“We are all happy about the achievements of each one, regardless of the sport, at the same time we always support each other, when he had the accident we had a meeting, a dinner here, it was a super nice experience, we know him, any athlete from Costa Rica who wants to grow and put the highest in Costa Rica, you will always have our support ”, he concluded Bryan oviedo.

Sherman Guity won a silver medal in the 100m, four days before the anthem of Costa Rica at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium after lifting the gold medal in the 200m, both competitions held in the T64 category.

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