Super Uru de Clubes: Carrasco Polo was more effective and beat Trébol by 13 to 8

Super Uru de Clubes: Carrasco Polo was more effective and beat Trébol by 13 to 8

Carrasco Polo defeated El Trébol by 13 to 8 in the most outstanding match of the fourth date of the Super Uru de Clubes. The horse reached the top of the contest and remains undefeated.

The first half had a team that tried harder and another that knew how to defend itself and be effective at the right time. Those from Paysandú tried to take center stage in the match and put together some good plays that, were it not for inaccuracies in handling, could have given them more points.

With a penalty from Alejo Duran, Trébol took advantage but could not break again a solid defense of Carrasco Polo that was always well planted. For their part, the tricolor did prove to be more effective and in the two opportunities they were able to play in the rival red zone, they came back with points thanks to to the try of captain Santiago Hernández and the aim of Jerónimo Etcheverry with a penalty.

In the plugin, bugs continued to be present on both sides. Carrasco Polo was smarter and tried to play the game on someone else’s land. Trébol, on the other hand, risked more than his rival but could not specify due to the imperfections in the transfer of the ball.

With a lot of grit, the green and white t-shirts discounted thanks to the good push from the maul that ended with the Carlos Arboleya try. Thus, with the result 13 to 8 in favor of the tricolores, those of Paysandú burned the ships but could not reach the victory try. Carrasco Polo closed ranks and relying once again on a granite defense was left with a suffered victory that puts him at the top of the standings.


CARRASCO POLO (13): 1. Carlos Angulo, 22. Emiliano Faccennini, 31. Reinaldo Piussi, 19. Rodrigo Lamé, 5. Lucas Piriz, 24. Manuel Castro, 6. Gonzalo Soto, 8. Santiago Hernández (C), 20. Alejo Piazza, 10. Jerónimo Etcheverry, 14. Santiago Gibernau, 27. Patricio Inciarte, 13. Joaquín Freitas, 35. Tomás Bameule, 29. Francisco Berchesi.

Changes: PT: 37´ (Temporary) Lucas Pocelli by Tomás Bameule. ST: 7´ Gabriel Evans by Carlos Angulo, 15´ Alejo Parra by Joaquín Freita, 16´ Santiago Prado and Ignacio Forteza by Rodrigo Lamé and Manuel Castro, 23´Santiago Alvarez by Alejo Piazza, 24´ Santiago Revilla by Emiliano Faccennini and Lucas Pocelli by Reinaldo Piussi, 25 ´ Santiago Mato by Santiago Gibernau.

Coach: Miguel Alvarez

CLOVER (8): 1. Danilo Botta, 2. Carlos Arboleya, 3. Juan Pedro Romby, 4. Rodrigo Ferrari, 5. Mathias Palomeque, 6. Federico Cibils, 7. Agustín Della Corte, 19. Sydney Werner, 21. Lucas Duran, 10. Alejo Duran, 11. Martín Fitipaldo, 12. Manuel Barreiro, 13. Mateo Tortorella (C), 14. Sebastián Schroeder, 15. Diego Pereira.

Changes: ST: 1 ‘Iñaki Artola by Martín Fitipaldo. 5´ Ezequiel Ramos by Danilo Botta, 13´ Federico Velazquez by Juan Pedro Romby, 15´ Guillermo Lijtenstein by Alejo Duran, 21´ Julián Correa by Federico Velazquez. Substitutes: 16. Ezequiel Ramos, 8. Alvaro Crovetto, 22. Ignacio Grignola, 23. Guillermo Ortiz.

Coach: Francisco Bulanti.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 2´ Penalty by Alejo Duran (T), 24´ Try by Santiago Hernández converted by Jerónimo Etcheverry (CP), 28´ Penalty by Jerónimo Etcheverry (CP)

Partial result: Carrasco Polo 10-3 Clover

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 28´ Penalty by Jerónimo Etcheverry (CP), 30´ Try by Carlos Arboleya (T).

Final score: Carrasco Polo 13-8 Clover

YELLOW: PT: 35´ Reinaldo Piussi (CP)

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