URBA First A: La Plata beat San Patricio by 47 to 8 in the postponement of the first date

URBA First A: La Plata beat San Patricio by 47 to 8 in the postponement of the first date

La Plata beat San Patricio by 47 to 8 in the postponed match of the first date of URBA Primera A. La Plata scored seven tries and recovered from the loss to Champagnat last weekend.

It was a meeting almost without equivalences between the Canary and those of Pilar. The local was not only more effective in each attack, but also prevailed in contact and proved to be a more physical team than its opponent. The tries of Facundo Panigatti and Juan Rico (2) they began to lead the way for the yellow jersey in the first half. The exquisite opening foot, Tomás Suarez Folch, He was also gravitating to not only decompress situations in extreme defense, but also to contribute a total of 12 points as a result of six conversions.

With the advantage of 21 to 3, San Patricio went out to burn the ships in the complement, but he continued to be imprecise and committing handling errors that not only deprived him of scoring points, but also forced him to give the ball to a team from La Plata that did not forgive him. The tries of the Marcucci brothers began to shape a win that also had the conquests of Ivan Turdo and Francisco Suárez Folch. For his part, Saint Patrick had his consolation prize with eThe try of Nazareno Topazzini, after a good counterattack that drew the only smile from those in the blue shirt, in the harsh afternoon at Manuel Gonnet.

It was a victory by 47 to 8 without arguments, for a team from La Plata that has not yet found its best level, and that after five disputed dates, he is still out of the playoff positions in the standings.


THE SILVER (47): 1. Ariel Del Cerro, 2. Ivan Turdo (c), 3. Francisco Uriarte, 4. Valentín Ozog, 5. Mauricio Theler, 6. Carlos Mendieta, 7. Juan Rico, 8. Francisco Suárez Folch, 9. Manuel García Mónaco , 10. Tomás Suárez Folch, 11. Bruno Marcucci, 12. Tomas Marcucci, 13. Ivan Albina, 14. Facundo Panigatti and 15. Luciano Di Lucca.

Trainers: Benjamín Tomaghelli, Sebastián Rondinelli and Esteban Durante.

SAN PATRICIO (8): 1. Dante Geraci, 2. Matías Bodenlle, 3. Maximiliano Mónaco, 4. Tomas Rigou, 5. Nazareno Toppazzini, 6. Manuel Iglesias, 7. Agustín Conesa, 8. Joaquín Bodenlle (c), 9. Santiago Romero, 10. Federico Cacciabue, 11. Iñaki Menghi, 12. Sebastián Romero, 13. Theo Rodriguez, 14. Tomás Castellanos and 15. Agustín Noceda.

Points in the First Half: 6´ Try Facundo Panigatti, goal by Tomás Suarez Folch (LP), 13´ and 19´tries by Juan Rico converted by Tomás Suarez Folch (LP), 42´ Penalty by Federico Cacciabue (SP).

Partial Result: La Plata 21 – 3 San Patricio

Points in the Second Half: 2´ Try by Bruno Marcucci converted by Tomas Suarez Folch (LP), 12´ Try by Tomas Marcucci converted by Tomas Suarez Folch (LP), 22´ Try Ivan Turdo (LP), 31´ Try by Nazareno Topazzini (SP), 37 ´ Try by Francisco Suarez Folch converted by Tomas Suarez Folch (LP).

Final score: La Plata 47 – 8 San Patricio

Yellow: Agustín Noceda (SP).

Basketball court: Silver

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