URBA M20: SIC beat Hindú by 27-22 and continues to lead

URBA M20: SIC beat Hindú by 27-22 and continues to lead

For the fifth date of the M20 youth tournament, SIC and Hindú faced each other and it was Boulogne’s team who took the win 27-22 at home in what was a very even game.

The San Isidro Club had two wins and a draw against CASI and Don Torcuato’s men had a streak of three consecutive wins. From the first minutes of the match it was the visitors who set the pace of the match, with the power and speed of their backs to reach the first victory of the match. But the locals were quick to react,and in a flurry of 15 minutes they scored two tries to advance in the match.

Hindú sought to nullify the rival attack using the double tackle, one player to knock down and the other to make it impossible to offload the attacker. A tactic that was very effective for him throughout the game.

However, in the second half the day turned and the rain played its role on Saturday afternoon. Despite exhausting attempts to move the ball from side to side, the weather and a good defense from the SIC complicated the game for Don Torcuato’s men.

It was through the foot of the local ten, Mateo Busso, that the party managed to unblock. The opener contributed two penalties to help his team score points. In addition, after a scrum five meters from the ingoal, and with a huge push from the forwards, the SIC got a penalty try, which gave it a 5-point advantage that would be irrecoverable for its rival.

After this triumph, the locals are undefeated in this first stage of the M20 youth tournament and are emerging as first in Zone C. While Hindú will try to consolidate that second place and seek revenge later in the next phase.


SIC (27): 1. Lucas Fitz Herbert, 2. Ignacio Bottazzini, 3. Juan Pedro Olcese, 4. Lucas Lorenzatti, 5. Francisco Gómez Leiva, 6. Tobías Suarez Blanch (c), 7. Franco Delger, 8. Ciro Plorutti, 9. Ramón Martinez, 10. Mateo Busso, 11. Valentín Mazzucco, 12. Marcos Olavarría, 13. Franco Ancarola, 14. Juan Wetzler Malbran and 15. Pedro Derosa.

HINDU (22): 1. Gabriel Ramos, 2. Benjamín Silveyra, 3. Ramón Ortíz, 4. Lautaro Segovia, 5. Francisco Pérez Grote, 6. Santiago Pacheco, 7. Lautaro Gismondi, 8. Javier Vera, 9. Juan Ignacio García Cuerva, 10. Gonzalo Sulam , 11. Santiago Astarloa, 12. Gonzalo Vogliotti, 13. Bautista Serrano, 14. Mateo Melchiori and Martín Sulam.

Basketball court: SIC

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