Vika’s fan: She lives in Catamarca, she got Azarenka tattooed and dreams of meeting her

Vika's fan: She lives in Catamarca, she got Azarenka tattooed and dreams of meeting her

June 2013. At the All England Club in London, Vika Azarenka was contesting her eighth Wimbledon. In this edition, she did it as the number two in the world and second seeded behind Serena Williams. His adventure there was only one game, against María Joao Koehler. But that single encounter was enough to capture the attention and fanaticism of the Belarusian’s number one fan.

Daniela Varela, a native of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca -Argentina- had his love at first sight with that match of the Miniskeña on the British lawn. “I started to follow her when I was 19 or 20 years old, when I was older. I just hooked up a game that ESPN was broadcasting because my parents are always watching sports channels and Vika was on TV. I was watching her and I said” wow. ” much your game “ recalled before consulting

That moment, she recalls, prompted her to play tennis. He first went to the defunct MC Tennis club in his city and then went to Las Rejas Tennis Club, where he currently does it. “Nobody instilled tennis in me. It started just out of love for Vika. And from that moment I started to follow her “says who does not miss a single match of the Belarusian.

It does not matter if Azarenka deploys his tennis in the early morning hours of Argentina, Daniela is always there to see her. “Even if she plays in China, I woke up just the same” said who currently paused her career as a producer for television and radio because of the pandemic and sometimes teaches English to children.

At that time when her fanaticism for the former world number one began to take center stage in her life, Daniela did not have a good time. The change from school to university and some personal problems affected her and Vika’s games were the perfect escape to get out of all that pressure. Without ever having seen her, being thousands of kilometers away and without knowing it, Azarenka helped her.

By August 2021 and with almost a decade following her through the internet or television, Daniela decided to pay tribute to her idol. He chose to tattoo an image of Azarenka with the Argentina shirt. “I had been thinking for a long time to get a tattoo of Vika, whatever. The idea came to me because my mother is a fan of Luis Miguel, she got it tattooed and I was given it this year. My brother tattoos and I chose that image because he had the Argentina jersey. I love Vika, she is my idol. ”

When Daniela put the image and a meaningful message on his networks, he posted it did not take long to reach Azarenka herself, who quoted and shared the message with the phrase “Wow” accompanied by a heart. Consulted by ESPN Tennis about this gesture from your number one fan, Vika said with a smile: “I am a fan of many athletes, but I don’t know if I will ever get to that point.”

But his story still lacks one more chapter. It is that the biggest dream of this fanatic from Catamarca has not yet been fulfilled. “I want to see Vika before she retires. It will be given to me. I’m saving up but I still don’t know where to see her.. I wanted to go to Brazil for the Olympics but two weeks before she said she was pregnant and it didn’t happen. “

Where and when will this meeting take place? Nobody knows. The truth is, As long as Azarenka continues on the circuit, that hope of the 28-year-old Argentine will not cease and she will fight to meet her idol.

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