Griezmann and a millionaire contract in Barcelona, ​​uncovered

Griezmann and a millionaire contract in Barcelona, ​​uncovered

BARCELONA – Antoine Griezmann signed a five-year contract with Barcelona in 2019 that guaranteed him a fixed, accumulated salary of 95 million euros gross, which, in the best of cases, skyrocketed thanks to bonuses up to 181.5 million . The newspaper Sport published this Sunday the details of the contract signed by the forward, confirming sources close to the footballer its veracity to ESPN Deportes.

The French footballer, on loan to Atlético de Madrid on the last day of the market, agreed with Barça a five-season contract with a growing salary, with a transfer bonus and a loyalty bonus from the third season … But in the The bulk of it, highlighted the sources consulted, revealed that it mainly linked its benefits to both its performance and successes.

In the two seasons he played with Barça Griezmann he only won one Copa del Rey, which was not included in the awards to be received by the footballer, something that did happen with other club players.

In his first, and ultimately only, seasons at the Barça club, Griezmann earned a total of 46.5 million euros, divided into 25.5 for his first year and 21 for the second. The difference between the two seasons was the 5 million that Barcelona paid him at the time of his signing as a transfer bonus.

The fixed salary started at 17 million euros, increasing by one million each season until the 21 that he would have received in the 2023-24 season. From here the striker had signed various bonuses for which his income could increase considerably.

Some of them easy to comply with, such as playing 60 percent of the official matches that represented a profit of 2.5 million per year and others linked to the team’s classification in the Champions League, starting from 500 thousand euros for overcoming the group stage. and up to 2 million to win the title.

In the maximum case of winning the triplet, Griezmann had signed a prize of 4 million euros, which was reduced to 3.75 billion in case of winning the Champions League and the League, 2.5 by winning the Champions and the Cup, or 1.5 by only winning the League. Winning the Copa del Rey, as happened last season, did not mean any extra income.

He also had special bonuses signed each season, representing 500 thousand euros for winning the trophy for the best player in the Spanish League and 750 thousand euros for winning the trophy for the best player in UEFA or FIFA.

In addition to this, Griezmann had specified that from this season, the third of his contract, he had the right to receive a loyalty bonus, specified at the

margin of his salary proper but which was automatically added to it. In this 2021-22 season he should have collected 7 million euros and 6.5 million in each of the next two.

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