“In two rounds I showed him that I am better than him”: Bronco Lara explodes by header with Josh Warrington

Corte de Mauricio Lara

Mauricio “Bronco” Lara He spoke about what happened in the fight against Josh warrington and showed his frustration at the header that caused a cut on his left eyebrow, for which the fight was suspended after two rounds.

“We all know what happened in the fight,” wrote the Mexican in Instagram along with a photograph of how the cut turned out. “A dirty fight that we knew would suit him, I’m frustrated, sure why? You know how the million dollar came today very well prepared to give everything, to win, to put the name of Mexico aloft”.

From the first round, Mauricio he began to complain about how he entered Warrington in the short distance head-first, until in the second round there was a clash that raised his eyebrow dramatically.

When he returned to the corner, his coaches immediately told him that they were going to stop the contest because of the scandalous cut.

“I prepared very well and this happens with dirty boxing people who do not know how to lose,” he considered. The Bronco. “In two rounds I showed him that I am better than him, that I am far above him, we are not at the level. Not even with 22,000 people I could, believe me, I couldn’t ”.

In another photograph he shared Lara He is seen with his left eye completely closed due to the swelling and now he will return home to his family and his daughter who is months old.

Mauricio traveled to Leeds, England, to face the local in a revenge fight in a hostile environment that was noticeable since he traveled from the concentration hotel to the stadium.

“Trust me, I enjoyed the process like never before,” he added. “After I recover, I will train even harder, I will come back stronger than ever. It has to show that I want to be world champion ”.

The official result of the fight was a technical draw, since four rounds have to be fought to get to the scorecards.

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