M-18: Alumni snatched the classic from Belgrano in Virrey del Pino

M-18: Alumni snatched the classic from Belgrano in Virrey del Pino

In a scenario that is not frequent for youth such as Virrey del Pino, the M18 classic took it Alumni from 28 to 22 before Belgrano, in a meeting with very high points on the part of the two teams and with great physical wear and tear.

A week ago, the Primera de Belgrano had beaten the Tortuguitas team by 32 to 20. But the results this time were different. The same mystique of that game (in B as well) favored the visitors in an afternoon that had the ingredients of every classic.

Hard game and locked in repeated moments, but attractive. Alumni opened the scoring with the try of Maximum Lamelas and the conversion of the opening and captain Baptist Hardie just five minutes after kick-off started. Then another score came from the wing Ciro Cafoncelli and the conversion of ten.

However, Belgrano was quick to react and also added two converted tries and a penalty from the captain Baptist Fossati, which allowed them to go to rest up by 17 to 14. Until then, the Tortuguitas men dominated the game, but Brown knew how to take the advantage in points.

“No penalties” could be heard from the visitor’s bench as soon as the complement started. It is that with flashes similar to the First match days before, the Alumni boys committed infractions that Belgrano took advantage of on many occasions.

The rojiblancos turned it around again with the eighth try Matías Canzani, one of the bastions in the work of the forwards of his team. But quickly, from a scrum and a quick ruck, the 11 brown, Cyan Gallia, He was able to dive into the ingoal and put his team back in the lead. In that period, where the sensation and anxieties make us believe that the game was going to be taken by anyone, sometimes with more time or simply luck, the try of Chanchi rivas, which sentenced the day for the Alumni boys to take that joy of playing a classic Virrey del Pino but with double flavor after two years of standing.


BELGRANO (22): 1.Pedro Repetto, 2.Jerónimo Petrillo, 3.Franco Grimaldi; 4. Francisco Terrarossa, 5. Ignacio Losasso; 6. Francisco Querol O Toole, 7. Andrés Allende, 8. Octavio Garazzi; 9.Tomás Di Pasquale and 10.Gerónimo Baqués; 11.Cian Gallia; 12.Bautista Fosatti © ️, 13..Valentino Annand; 14.Jaime Beveraggi; 15. Santiago Celemin.

ALUMNI (28): 1.Valen Berreta, 2.Máximo Lamelas, 3.Patrón Varela; 4.Iño Mendonca, 5.Tatan Fauve; 6. Tute Machain, 7.Augusto Mina, 8. Matías Canzani; 9. Segundo Monde and 10. Bautista Hardie © ️; 11. Valen Bonato; 12. Caio Hougbert, 13. Chanchi Rivas; 14.Ciro Cafoncelli; 15. Gonzalo Tapia.

So many in the PT: Try de Lamelas converted by Hardie (AA), Fossati penalty (BEL), Try Cafoncelli converted by Hardie (AA), Try Fossati converted by himself (BEL), Try by Cian Gallia converted by Fossati (BEL).

Partial Result: Belgrano 17-14 Alumni

So many in the ST: Try by Canzani converted by Hardie (AA), Try by Cian Gallia (BEL), Try by Rivas converted by Hardie (AA).

Final score: Belgrano 22-28 Alumni

Referee: Walter Lotter

Basketball court: Virrey del Pino. Belgrano.

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