Brandon Moreno accepts the challenge of his nemesis, Alexandre Pantoja

Brandon Moreno accepts the challenge of his nemesis, Alexandre Pantoja

The Mexican Brandon Moreno accepted the challenge that the Brazilian Alexandre Pantoja threw him on August 21 and it seems to be only a matter of time before their reunion.

Although the fight has not been signed, Pantoja is the only active fighter on the UFC roster to have beaten the “Babe Assassin”: in Chile in 2018 and two years earlier within The Ultimate Fighter.

It seems a matter of timing for the negotiation to begin, which would lead Moreno to seek revenge against the Brazilian and for the Argentine Marcelo “Pitbull” Rojo, partner and corner of the Tijuana, Baja California-born, the Mexican fighter is ready for that fight. .

“Brandon is a completely different peeler. Physically, technically and most importantly, mentally it is on another level. He wants to fight, “said Rojas in an interview with ESPN Digital. “We are going to seek the redemption he deserves for the growth he had from all these years of hard work.”

Since the last loss to Pantoja, the Mexican has improved his boxing by adding coach Javier “Drift” Cortés in his corner and since then he has not lost in seven fights and won the 125-pound LFA and UFC championships.

Moreno is ready for the first defense and does not intend to shy away from any opponent.

“I know Brandon and he tells you, this is not a marathon. Everyone thinks it is a long race, that you have to take it easy, (but) this is a sprint without a finish line and we always go deep ”, added“ Pitbull ”.

Moreno was crowned champion at UFC 263 and is expected to defend before the end of 2021, although only UFC 269 remains on December 11 in Las Vegas as an option, as the promotion revealed last Saturday the full star card for UFC 268 on November 6 in New York.

Moreno has united Latino fighters – Rojas

Rojo, who fights this Saturday against Jonathan Martínez in what will be his second appearance in the UFC octagon, assures that the level of the Entram Gym has risen in recent months, especially due to the arrival of more fighters who want to follow in the footsteps of Brandon.

“I was the first to arrive, I have known them since 2015. Already in 2016, I made the decision to come to Mexico. Like the first, I am the boss, we are one of the oldest along with Masio, Pablo, Brandon and there are a couple more. I call what the champion caused ‘The Brandon Moreno Effect,’ ”said Rojo. “He showed us all that it is possible. That generated a very large movement and today, in my house, in Entram, we have Chileans, Colombians, Venezuelans, Peruvians, Argentines. We have like five or six from each country and from different parts of Mexico.

“We are a beautiful team. I consider myself one of the captains. Many see me as a figure. It’s not how I want to be, but I’m very proud of this team and I want to make it grow, “he added.

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