Errol Spence is going to party with everything and an eye patch

Errol Spence se va a de fiesta con todo y parche en el ojo

After undergoing surgery on the left eye on August 11 after suffering retinal detachment, Errol spence He reappeared at a party, wearing everything and an eye patch.

The current welterweight champion of the CMB and the FIB He is seen with a pirate-style patch and a tremendous necklace and pendant with encrusted diamonds. The jewel bears the legend ‘Men Down’, which commemorates when he defeated Kell brook and snatched the welter belt from the FIB.

The injury, which was detected a few days before his scheduled fight against Manny pacquiao, it cost him having to get off the billboard and undergo urgent surgery. So far there is no exact date as to the return of Errol spence to professional boxing.

Despite this, he has been in the ‘eye of the hurricane’, as has his coach, who gave many statements after Pacquiao lose to Yordenis Ugás ensuring that his pupil would have knocked him out without problems.

“I knew that (the surprise) could happen,” he said. James in an interview with Fight Hub. “I have always said that he was very skilled (Ugas). What happens is that Pacquiao He’s faster than all of them, but it’s about moments, not speed. (Ugas) kept Pacquiao off-beat and kept him off-balance and kept hitting him to the body and Pacquiao He did not want to get involved. I believe that Errol he’s a deadlier puncher and I probably would have knocked him out. “

Errol Spence is still in recovery

Until now, Errol spence You cannot do exercises or anything that will tire you, you cannot run, or jog, nothing that makes you shake, much less make sudden movements for your eyes.

“I can’t do anything but walk,” he says. “I have to sleep on my left side. I have to use eye drops… I know I won’t be able to train for about two months. But I am optimistic about when I can start jogging. Hopefully, that will be in the next three weeks, “he said.

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