FIFA receives first reports from Brazil-Argentina and will take time to decide

FIFA receives first reports from Brazil-Argentina and will take time to decide

The governing body of world soccer lamented the “scenes that preceded” the interruption of the match and began to gather information

The FIFA has lamented “the scenes that preceded to match suspension” Come in Brazil and Argentina last night in Sao Paulo, qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar, and has started collecting information in this regard so that the disciplinary bodies analyze it and make a decision “in due time.”

The agency has already received the first arbitration reports, as confirmed to EFE a spokesperson for the FIFA, whose disciplinary bodies “will analyze the information contained in them to make the corresponding decision in due time.”

“The FIFA regrets the scenes that preceded the suspension of the match between Brazil and Argentina corresponding to CONMEBOL qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a fact that deprived millions of followers of this match that faced the teams of two of the countries with the most footballing weight in the world“, indicated the same sources.

The meeting BrazilArgentina was suspended yesterday at 6 minutes, when officials of the Brazilian health authority they entered the field before the alleged commission of an infraction of the sanitary protocol by four Argentine players who play in the English league and that they should have quarantined.

Given this fact, the Venezuelan referee Jesús Valenzuela and the field commissioners of CONMEBOL (South American Confederation), acting on behalf of the FIFA, responsible for the qualifying rounds, they suspended the meeting, of the sixth day of the qualifying phase for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Current Brazilian health regulations require that people who have been in the United Kingdom, India and South Africa in the last 14 days must comply with a mandatory 10-day quarantine and according to the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) athletes supplied “false information“about it during your immigration process.

The Anvisa he assured that before the same “recommended the quarantine of the four Argentine players, upon confirmation that they submitted false information in immigration and breached, without mistake “the norm that requires quarantine of 10 days to people who were the last 14 days in the United Kingdom, India and South Africa.

He also “clarified” that on Saturday, the eve of the match in Sao Paulo, he met with representatives of the Brazilian Confederation (CBF), of the delegation Argentina and CONMEBOL and that the quarantine of the athletes who violated the anticovid protocol was “determined”.

The players involved are Emiliano Martinez and Emiliano Buendía (Aston Villa) and Giovani lo celso and Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur). All four participated in training prior to the match on Saturday 4th and the last 3 started as headlines yesterday.

The Argentine Association (AFA), for its part, argued that it has always been guided by the current health legislation in CONMEBOL and it was recalled that the Albiceleste delegation was in Brazilian territory since September 3 at 8 am, complying with all current health protocols.

The selection Argentina came to Brazil on Friday the 3rd from Caracas, where Argentina they defeated Venezuela the day before (1-3) in the previous knockout round.

The team returned to Buenos Aires last night to prepare for the game on the 9th against Bolivia.

The Brazilian Confederation (CBF) denied its participation in any type of negotiation to omit the current sanitary protocol and considered that the Anvisa “could act in advance” before and have avoided the wear and tear of doing it in the middle of the game.

“The CBF respects the protocols of the Anvisa and in no situation did we want to avoid the Legislation, “but, in his opinion,” this causes outrage because the Anvisa he overreached his decisions and could have prevented that sooner. “

Brazil, which will close this international window on Friday the 10th against Peru, had to summon 11 players at the last minute due to the refusal of the English league to hand them over to the South American teams for health reasons, like some from Russia.

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