George Groves and Carl Froch make peace in funny video after intense rivalry between English

George Groves y Carl Froch hacen las paces en divertido video tras intensa rivalidad entre ingleses

George groves and Carl Froch, who starred in an intense English rivalry between 2013 and 2014, met again in a friendly video where they seem to have made peace.

The two English super middlemen met twice, in a rivalry credited with reviving English boxing. For their rematch fight they sold 60 thousand tickets in an hour, and managed to get 80 thousand fans at Wembley Stadium in an electrifying atmosphere. It was a record that stood until Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko put in 90 thousand in 2017.

In the clip that George groves uploaded to their social networks, they promote a tour that both will have in the United Kingdom. It will consist of 10 dates where they will tell anecdotes and talk about their rivalry since 2013, which ignited the passion of the fans for everything that was said and then shown above the ring.

Carl And I’m best friends now and we’re going on tour So he’s here with me now, look, here he is Carl“, starts Groves saying in the video.

At that moment, Groves open the shot in the video and it appears surprisingly Froch in the image without saying anything at the moment.

“We are very excited. It begins… “, he continued Groves.

And before the hesitation, Froch she had to help him with the date: “It’s October 8th or 10th, we don’t even know it between us.”

“There are a lot of dates, so it’s confusing. Go to one of them, you’re going to have a great time ”, he added. Groves. I can’t wait, it will be a lot of fun, let’s share some stories. I’m going to tell Carl some truths ”.

Froch then raised his right fist, with which he knocked out in his last fight to GrovesHe pointed to it and said, “You see this (laughing).”

Groves He also held back his laughter to continue saying, “I’m finally going to convince you that you’ve been in denial, living in denial for so long. But now that we are very good friends, it will be easy, so make sure to be there and enjoy it. Because there is nothing else to do, right? ”, He pointed out.

What Froch he concluded: “That is true.”

This is how George Groves and Carl Froch revived English boxing

On November 23, 2013 both boxers saw each other in the Manchester Arena, in that battle, the champion was Carl Froch put his IBF world titles at stake, and the regular of the AMB at super middleweight.

Groves he gave the surprise in the battle when sending his rival to the canvas in the first round. The challenger began to add on the cards.

However, in the ninth round came the controversy. Froch he spun a storm of blows that overwhelmed his rival. That’s where the referee intervened to stop the fight Groves, incorrectly because the fighter did not look hurt. The result was criticized by Groves and his team, equally for all the fans, who saw an injustice in the fight.

The controversy led to a long-awaited rematch that took place on May 31, 2014. After many statements between the two, outbreaks at conferences and actions such as not greeting each other, or playing with a rubik’s cube while the other spoke.

The fight was fierce from the first round, none of them saved anything. The fifth round made all the assistants explode, who applauded both fighters for the tremendous exchange of blows they showed.

By the seventh round, Froch he had managed to squeeze the judges’ cards and it seemed that he would finally achieve his mission of snatching the championships from his rival. But Froch managed to demolish the hopes of Groves with one of the most spectacular knockouts of that decade. In the eighth round, a tremendous right hand from Carl Froch knocked down Groves as a table, and the referee stopped the fight without a count in between.

Carl Froch dispelled all doubt and controversy. And English boxing, for its part, entered a new boom era.

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