“Maybe I was a little reckless,” Josh Warrington talks about the header with Bronco Lara

Josh Warrington y Mauricio Lara

Josh warrington stated that the action in which a head clash caused a cut on the left eyebrow of Mauricio “Bronco” Lara he was “reckless” and felt responsible that the fight was over soon.

“Head shock, maybe I was a bit reckless when I entered,” he admitted in an interview with iFL TV. “I feel responsible. I do not know why. I wanted to win and I couldn’t, so I feel responsible for that. “

From the first round, at least twice the Mexican warned the referee that the Briton was entering head first, while in the second he complained two more times until the hard crash came.

When Mauricio He returned to his corner, immediately his coaches were surprised by the scandalous cut and warned him that they were going to stop the confrontation. Later the doctor checked it and determined that it could not continue, so it was declared a technical tie.

“I know that this kind of thing happens, they paid a lot of money and wanted to see Josh with his hand up ”, he pointed out. “You need to keep your head down and heads go up. But he had a little cut in the first round, that was a hit. “

During the first two rounds it was difficult for them to reach the cards due to the amount of power shots they exchanged and connected, but unlike the first, Warrington respected the hit of Lara and kept his guard up.

“I feel that if we had reached the third, it would have put him in trouble,” he considered. “I thought, ‘He can’t hit me, unless I let him.’ I saw many opportunities ”.

Thank you to the fans

After the fight ended in two rounds and a technical draw was declared, Josh warrington He wrote a message to his fans for the support they gave him on Saturday, September 4.

“What an environment, how much noise,” he wrote in Twitter. “For the boxers from the undercard to mine, it was an incredible environment. That exit to the ring was something else. Standing on the platform, looking around made me feel good. I was excited when I came out and I was going to win for all of you. “

“I never believed that my fight would end like this with a head butt,” he added. “It is not the first time that happens, nor will it be the last. Disappointed that we couldn’t go any further, but it was a very scandalous cut ”.

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