“Substance does not give advantages”: Óscar Valdez’s lawyer explains his argument

Óscar Valdez

Pat english, lawyer of Oscar Valdez, argued that phentermine, a substance for which the Sonoran boxer tested positive in an anti-doping control, does not help improve performance and that is why they will allow him to defend the super featherweight belt of the CMB against Robson Conceicao next November 10.

“He never took a prohibited substance on purpose,” he commented in an interview with The Ring. “It was a minimal amount that entered his body and it is consistent that it is poisoning. That thing leaves the body quickly and the scientific community has already determined that unless you take it close to a fight (like the night before), there is no advantage ”.

The WBC Clean Boxing Program It is done under the rules of the VADA, which allows 50 nanograms, while Oscar marked 77. But it was determined that it is a substance that does not improve performance and in the end it was decided to adopt the regulations of the WADA, which has other standards with that same substance.

“Here is a matter, many do not know that VADA has a different standard, “he explained English. “The Association of Boxing Commissions adopted the standards of WADA. When that positive came through, it was under the standard of VADA, not the one of WADA. Oscar passed the one of WADA, but not the other one ”.

He further explained that Valdez He has undergone just over 45 doping tests during his professional career and that helped defend him against the ingestion being accidental.

“He has no history of positives for prohibited substances,” he explained. “He includes in his contracts an anti-doping test since he was world champion five years ago or in agreements with Top rank. He has been tested nearly 45 times between his amateur and professional fights and he never tested positive for anything. That is admirable”.

In the world of boxing there have been some comments of disagreement with the decision that the Pascua Yaqui Athletic Commission, which is in charge of regulating the fight against Conceicao on Tucson, Arizona and that he decided to continue the fight.

“That is why I see it as something abnormal,” he continued. “There are many unfortunate comments around people who have not listened to the testimony given, if they did they would have a different view of things and would not believe that Oscar he is a cheater ”.

“He is a clean fighter”

Frank Espinoza, handler Oscar Valdez and who has been by his side for most of his career, assured that the Sonoran is a clean boxer and that he passed all the strict anti-doping controls in Olympic Games.

“Of course Oscar He is not a cheater and I have known that since he was 17 years old and was preparing for the Olympics“, he claimed. “There were tough tests in 2012 and he never tested positive. Oscar he has had eight world championship fights and was tested three times in each one. They were all negative. His record is 29-0 and he has never failed with the weight either. “

“He has been a professional for just over five years and has never tested positive,” he said. “Oscar He asks for these tests in his contracts and I sincerely believe that it would be foolish to ask for them if he had done something wrong or had positive priors. I have always believed that he is a clean fighter and his personality reaffirms that to me ”.

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