Everything there is to know about the World 12s

Everything there is to know about the World 12s

From World 12s They have published an extensive question and answer document that explains how a new tournament that would start in August 2022 in England can aspire to grow the sport over the next five years. What is this new contest about? Here are the answers to each question.

What is World 12s?

World 12s is a new rugby tournament for our fast-paced and changing world. It is an exciting format that features the best players in the world. Players will be divided into eight franchises and will compete annually around the world in a 12v12 tournament over a three-week period.

What is the difference between 12 and 15?

In World 12s the current Laws of Rugby 15 will be followed, but with some interesting adaptations:
– 12 players in a team: six forwards and six backs
– The game will consist of two halves of 15 minutes each
– Conversions will be drop only
– After a scrum penalty, it will not be possible to kick the posts
– The scrum can only be reset once (then a free kick will be charged)
– In the knockout stages, if the matches are tied full time, a gold point will decide the winner

How will a tournament work?

For the 2022 men’s tournament, eight franchises will meet once in a free-for-all format. There will be seven days of matches in the qualifying phase, with four matches being played per day. The knockout stages will be divided into a semi-final day and a final day to decide how the teams are classified from first to eighth.

How do the 12 players perform in terms of positions on the court?

There are six forwards and six backs. The additional space created by having three fewer players on the court allows for both the opportunity for bigger runs and exciting tactical kicks, depending on how the coach chooses to line up his baseline. This will lead to a high score, a lot of pressure and a rugby appeal to enjoy, while maintaining the shape and appearance of the 15 frame.

How many players are on each team?

Each squad will be made up of 24 players. To help drive the development of the global game, each franchise will need to select at least two players from Tier2 countries, as well as one international U-20 player.

Where will World 12s be played?

The plan is to move the tournament to different global locations each year. England is expected to be the first host in 2022.

When will the World 12s be played?

Discussions continue with key stakeholders, but we see that late August / early September would be the right time to host this three-week tournament in 2022. World 12 aims to complement the existing world rugby calendar.

Who are the teams?

The eight franchised teams will be decided by auction that will take place later this year. They will be determined by geographic location and will be subject to World 12s criteria, with a strong focus on developing local players and enhancing participation from emerging nations.

Who is going to play?

The best players in the world will be sold at auction and bought by the franchised teams. Each team will have a squad of 24 players.

How will the players be selected?

Players will be selected by auction, which will follow a format similar to the draft seen on IPL cricket or The Hundred. The eight franchised teams will be able to buy players to form their team. More information on franchises and player auctions will be announced in due course.

What is World 12s doing to address player wellness?

The well-being of the players is critical to the success of the World 12s. We have made a number of key changes to help players. Some of these include the length of the match and the playing time. Each game will last 30 minutes and there will be a restriction on the amount of time for each player on the court. World 12s will also offer an excellent platform for the sport to research issues that really matter for the well-being of the players.

Is there a plan for a female version of the World 12s?

Yes. With RWC 2021 taking place in New Zealand in 2022, the World 12s women’s format will launch from 2023 and will be played in conjunction with the men’s tournament.

What is World 12s Limited?

World 12s Limited is a newly formed international company established in the summer of 2020 to run a new franchisee global 12s professional tournament. World 12s Limited has assembled a board of directors and executive team with a wealth of rugby experience from around the world, complemented by business expertise from other elite sports and the corporate world at large.

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