Futsal: Argentina beat the Netherlands again in the last pre World Cup friendly

Futsal: Argentina beat the Netherlands again in the last pre World Cup friendly

Seven days before the World Cup debut against the United States, Argentina played the last preparatory friendlies and defeated the Netherlands 4-2, with 2 goals from Alan Brandi, Andrés Santos and Maxi Rescia.

This time the coach Matías Lucuix used Nico Sarmiento in the first half and gave Guido Monsenson minutes in the second half in the Argentine goal and rotated his quartets a lot, looking for the definitive gear for the debut on September 14 before the United States.

The Netherlands started better, playing a lot of possession and circulation, with players on the right foot and they got up 1 to 0.

But Argentina immediately adjusted its positioned attack and through, when not, its pivot Alan Brandi reached the tie.

Again, taking advantage of a disobedience in a stopped ball, the local went ahead on the scoreboard. The game heated up a bit, and ended with Titi Borruto sent off and the Argentine players quite angry with the referees. However, the Netherlands did not know how to take advantage of the numerical superiority during the two minutes.

The complement, the world champion became more serious. He adjusted the pressure on the start and from there came the tying play, through Andrés Santos.

Another good combination, a shot by Taborda and Alan Brandi that deflected for 3 to 2 gave Argentina the advantage in the result, which from there leaned back against their area awaiting the 5-on-4 attack from the Netherlands. , and the good defense on this came the fourth goal, with a new robbery of the “pickpocket” of the defense of goalkeeper player who is Damián Stazzone, who culminated Maxi Rescia with a shot at the empty goal.

Now the only thing left is the transfer to Lithuania and wait for the World Cup debut next Tuesday in that country. The World Champion is ready.

Confirmed World Cup fixture

The National Team is already preparing in Buenos Aires for the World Cup that will be held this year in Lithuania, from September 12 to October 3.

On July 1, the World Cup group draw was held in Zurich and the first rivals of Argentina were defined, whom they will face in the Group Phase:

9/14 USA,

9/17 Serbia

9/20 Iran

Before them, the team led by Lucuix will seek the classification to the next phase, in search of renewing the title it has held since Colombia 2016.

This is how the squad of 16 players that will represent Argentina in the 2021 World Cup in Lithuania was left, which begins on September 12.

Archers: Lucas Farach (Kimberley AC); Nicolás Sarmiento (Real Betis Futsal -Spain-) and Guido Monsenson (Boca Juniors)

Last / Closings: Damian Stazzone (San Lorenzo); Pablo Taborda (Italservice Pesaro -Italia-);

At: Santiago Basile (CMB Futsal -Italy-); Lucas Bolo Alemany (San Lorenzo); Ángel Claudino (Palma Futsal -Spain-); Sebastián Corso (Industrias Santa Coloma -Spain-); Leandro Cuzzolino (Italservice Pesaro -Italy-); Matías Edelstein (Hebraica); Andrés Santos (Signor Prestito CMB -Italia-) and Constantino Vaporaki (Meta Catania C5 -Italia-).

Pivots: Cristian Borruto (Italservice Pesaro -Italia-) and Alan Brandi (Jaén Paraíso Interior -Spain-)

Source: AFA.

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