“I did not take phentermine; I don’t know what it is, ”says Óscar Valdez


Oscar Valdez He claimed never to have used phentermine in his life, and even claimed not to know what this substance is.

After the scandal for testing positive in an anti-doping control, Valdez He claimed that he did not cheat in any way in his preparation.

“I am not a cheater. I’ve never been. I have never needed it ”, said the Mexican, during an interview with Mark Kriegel from ESPN. “There is no easy way out for me, this is just hard work in the gym. Hours and hours of training ”.

“Much sacrifice. That is all. You come here, you train, you win fights in the gym. You go to a fight, you do your best. Here I am. And a lot of people say, ‘You’re a cheater. You are using steroids. You tested positive. ‘ It’s just that it breaks my heart, ”the undefeated continued.

Oscar Valdez he trained fiercely.

Óscar Valdez is unaware of phentermine

In addition to ensuring that he is a responsible athlete and committed to his activity, Oscar Valdez He also stated that he does not use drugs.

“I am a 100% clean fighter,” he said. Valdez. “I don’t know how that got into my body. I know that each fighter is responsible for whatever they consume, but on my behalf, I don’t have a clear answer on how that got into my body. “

“I have always considered myself, I will always be a clean fighter. I have always been and always will be a clean fighter. So I don’t know how that got into my body. To take phentermine, you need a prescription. I don’t even know what it is. I did not take it ”, explained the Mexican.

Phentermine, used for weight loss, regularly.

Valdez’s movements in his camp

Sorry, Oscar Valdez gave details of how he handled his training sessions, along with his usual work team.

“We have literally never done anything different when it comes to taking other supplements,” he noted. Valdez. You know, very simple supplements: vitamin C, vitamin B12, and all those normal vitamins that everyone should take. “

“The only difference is that I have had herbal tea. That’s why I would think it could be like this, but I’m still not 100% how it got into my body. He drank various kinds of teas. I gave up coffee a while ago and started drinking more herbal teas, ”the one from Sonora continued.

“It’s just trying different types of teas. That was the only difference I made in this training camp, and that’s one of the reasons why I think it might be so. I really think that way, “concluded the 30-year-old boxer.

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