Mike Tyson is afraid Holyfield will knock him out, Triller owner says

Mike Tyson tiene miedo de que Holyfield lo noquee, asegura dueño de Triller

Ryan kavanaugh, Owner of the company Triller assured that Mike tyson does not want to fight against Evander holyfield, since he is afraid that he will give him a knockout.

“We have been told that he is afraid to fight against Evander“, said Kavanaugh in an interview with Sky Sports. “Now I have heard, from several reliable sources, that Mike he is very scared. believes that Evander I would knock him out if they fight. “

Kavanaugh indicated that in Triller they already have an offer ready for you Mike tyson finally decides to get in the ring with Holyfield.

“There has been an uproar back and forth,” he said. Kavanaugh. “There is a huge pay list for Mike fight on Thanksgiving. A huge payday, one of the biggest that (Tyson) has received! ”.

In the same way, I assure you that you already know that Tyson is trying to organize a fight against Lennox lewis, who also defeated him in his professional days.

“We know that you are trying to organize a fight with Lennox lewis“He added.

Kavanaugh He also spoke about the statement he made Holyfield where he pointed out that he has not yet closed the door to the opportunity to return to fight with Tyson.

“I wouldn’t ask anyone to do something they don’t want to do. But it is not for charity. If we can find something that works for everyone, then we all win, “he said.

Tyson wants Lennox Lewis

Mike tyson has announced that he wants to get in the ring next December and face Lennox Lewis.

Iron mike spoke on the podcast The Sit Down: A Mafia History. There in the program, Michael Franzese revealed the exclusive.

“(Mike tyson) is going to fight again in December “, reported Franzese. Lennox Lewis, and I can tell you that he is in very good shape ”.

“I just want the exhibition against Lennox lewis“, Confirmed Mike “And probably my next fight will be with (Anthony) Joshua or Tyson (Fury)“.

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