What Canelo Álvarez said to Óscar Valdez when he found out about his positive doping

Óscar Valdez narra la reacción del Canelo y el gimnasio al saber del positivo

Oscar Valdez, who tested positive for doping for the prohibited substance phentermine days after his fight against Robson Conceicao narrated how the Canelo Alvarez and all the members of the Canelo Team.

“We don’t talk much, just that same day,” he revealed. Valdez in an interview with Mark Kriegel from ESPN. “Everyone saw my face when they told me I tested positive. Immediately, we all stopped training and everyone saw my disappointment. I was in shock. “

Oscar Valdez narrates that Canelo He approached him at that moment when he learned of the positive doping to try to reassure him.

“(Canelo) approached me ”, narrates Valdez. “And he told me: ‘Everything is going to be fine, the truth is going to come out. Don’t worry, we all know the way you work, the way you train, we all know that you are a clean fighter. ‘

After the positive of Valdez, which is added to the clenbuterol for which the Canelo In 2018, criticism and accusations that doping was widespread in the gym of Eddy reynoso. Caleb Plant, Devin Haney, Sunny edwards and other champions joined in the criticism.

“It’s unfair to everyone in the gym,” he said. Valdez on criticism of Canelo Team. “It is very unfair to someone like Andy ruiz, very unfair to someone like Ryan Garcia“.

Although Valdez he is convinced of his innocence, he thinks that his name will never be clean.

“My name will never be one hundred percent clean because many people will always use that against me,” he said. Valdez. “Maybe because they don’t like me, or maybe because they really think I’m trying to cheat. Or whatever the reasons, they will always say, ‘Yes, he cheated.’

Substance that Óscar Valdez ingested does not give advantages

Pat english, lawyer of Oscar Valdez, argued that phentermine, a substance for which the Sonoran boxer tested positive in an anti-doping control, does not help improve performance. And that is why they will allow him to defend the super feather belt of the CMB against Robson Conceicao next November 10.

Oscar Valdez never deliberately took a prohibited substance, “he commented in statements collected by the magazine The Ring. “It was a minimal amount that entered his body and it is consistent that it is contamination. This substance leaves the body very quickly. The scientific community has already determined that unless you take it very close to a fight, like the night before, there is no advantage ”.

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