Draft LIDOM: The eternal dilemma of the listed prospect or the immediate contribution

Draft LIDOM: The eternal dilemma of the listed prospect or the immediate contribution

Although each team has clear plans according to the circumstances, there is always the fear that the figures chosen in the draft will not wear the shirts of those who select them.

Ever since Albert Pujols was chosen in LIDOM’s inaugural Rookie Draft in 2002, the question has always remained whether the first pick will be able to play winter baseball if he continues to raise his prospect as a prospect, or in some cases, becomes a star on the charts. Big leagues.

It is always fun for fans and some outlets to do “mock drafts”, trying to place each promising youngster in a franchise according to needs and in some cases territorial, business or tradition affiliations.

The truth is that the work carried out by the teams’ operations departments begins long before the draw. Determine who has the talent, can play immediately and / or meets my needs.

From the pool of 307 available players, each team will have the opportunity to choose one of the 16 available rounds, where generally in the first 5 or 6 there is the talent that will contribute to the team.

The order of choice will be Estrellas Orientales, Gigantes del Cibao, Leones del Escogido, Águilas Cibaeñas, Tigres del Licey and Toros del Este.

An interesting case is that of Marco Luciano who is nothing more and nothing less than the number five prospect in all of baseball according to MLB Pipeline and who could be one of the main picks of the LIDOM event.

By affinity, Pablo and Félix Peguero signed the shortstop to the San Francisco Giants in 2019 and the option that he can see action at LIDOM seems highly probable.

The franchise to which they belong in the Major Leagues plays an extremely important role, which is why names like Jasson Domínguez and Luis Medina of the New York Yankees could be striking since those of the Bronx have allowed several of their players to act in the winter tournament, even great stars such as Gary Sánchez and Miguel Andújar.

Dominguez is the No. 2 prospect for the Yankees and 17th in all of baseball, and taking him as one of the top picks would be a risky gamble, but if he can demonstrate all that is said about him at LIDOM, it would pay off big.

Medina’s case is different since he is passing for the second time in the draft but he attracted a lot of attention in the last Caribbean Series when he pitched with the Puerto Rico team and has expressed feeling comfortable with the Mayagüez Indians since he has not been selected. in LIDOM, but that could be about to change.

Regardless of what happens, this dilemma is part of Dominican winter baseball and it is left to the managers and their teams to do the best job possible in the hope that the teams can contribute sooner rather than later.

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