FIFA sanctions Premier League clubs that did not yield players for the Playoffs

FIFA sanctions Premier League clubs that did not yield players for the Playoffs

The Brazilian Football Federation has asked FIFA that eight Brazilian Premier League players, who were not released to play for the national team, cannot play this weekend.

The regulation of FIFA includes a section that explains that those players who do not make themselves available to their national teams may be penalized with a period of five days without playing. This would prevent these eight footballers from participating with their teams this weekend.

The affected players are Roberto Firmino, Fabinho and Alisson, from Liverpool; Ederson and Gabriel Jesús, from Manchester City, Raphinha, from Leeds; Thiago Silva, from Chelsea; and Fred, from Manchester United. In addition, both Silva and Fred, would also miss their UEFA Champions League duels on Tuesday.

The English clubs objected to giving up their players since the countries of South America are on the UK travel red list, so on their return to the country they would have to do a mandatory 10-day quarantine in a hotel that does not I would let them train.

The only footballer that the Brazilian federation has not denounced is Richarlison, from Everton, since the English club allowed him to play the Olympic Games, in which he achieved the gold medal, despite the fact that they had no obligation to do so.

Also outside of this sanction is Edinson Cavani, who was not loaned out by Manchester United, but Uruguay decided to call him off to avoid a conflict for the player.

Other players, like the Argentines Emiliano Martínez and Emiliano Buendía, from Aston Villa, and Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso, from Tottenham Hotspur, they did go with their Selection, but to avoid quarantine in the United Kingdom, they flew to Croatia, where they will spend ten days being able to train. The AFA agreed with the clubs to return the players after only two games of the triple date. Dávinson Sánchez also traveled and played with Colombia

On the other hand, Ben Brereton could not go to the Chilean National Team and he will not be able to play for Blackburn Rovers in the Championship either. The same situation for the Paraguayan Miguel Almirón, from Newcastle and all the South Americans who was not yielded by their respective clubs.

The Brazilian Federation has already sent its request to FIFA and now it is on the roof of the organization to give the green light to the sanction.

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