Lola Moreira: “The effort we made was not seen in the results”

Lola Moreira: "The effort we made was not seen in the results"

Dolores Moreira spoke exclusively with ESPN, where he took stock of his participation in Tokyo 2020, recounted his experience about the Olympic Games with a pandemic and reflected on the shortcomings it has at the infrastructure level compared to its competitors.

Lola said that after her return to Uruguay “I had a few days off, a few days to reflect on everything that happened, and now I am already training and preparing what is to come. I came back wanting to have another result, because we worked a lot and the truth is that all the effort we made was not reflected in the results. There is a lot to improve, and if everything goes well I will have many years ahead to do it, and the truth is that I was going with an expectation that I did not fulfill. I became a bit sad, but at the same time with strength and a desire for revenge ”. He added that “my goal was to be in the top 15 and I finished in 22nd place.”

Regarding her self-criticism regarding not achieving the desired objectives, the sanducera explained that “Sailing is a sport in which many decisions are made that at the moment you do not know if a mistake is going to cost you three or four places. After the regatta, with your coach, you analyze every decision and see every detail and I am clear about all the mistakes I made ”.

Dolores Moreira told how she lived her second Olympic experience, in this case, marked by the context that caused the covid-19 worldwide. “They were special, mainly because of the pandemic. The preparation was a year and a half of wondering what is going to happen, if the Games were going to take place. When the pandemic fell I was injured, I was recovering and suddenly the laboratories closed, everything was closed and my rehabilitation was in nothing for five months. The Olympics were postponed and that was very good for me, but once I recovered, I would sign up for championships to get ready and they would be suspended with two weeks to go, over and over again. I did not compete for a year and a half ”.

In this regard, he said that those who remained or managed to move to Europe had a great advantage when preparing. “The people who stayed in Europe went to the Canary Islands, made a base there and organized among themselves to carry out unofficial competitions. It was a mini Olympic Games, and I was here in Paysandú with my parents preparing myself ”.

He added that “Clemente, a Chilean colleague who is also a sailor, made a simulator and I asked him to pass me the dimensions. My father owns a sawmill and he made it for me, but made of wood. We sanded, varnished and it remained, and to this day I use it to train. It was my main means of training, I just needed to be thrown a bucket of water (laughs) ”.

Regarding life in the Olympic Games with a pandemic, Lola said that “as soon as you arrived you had to be very patient. They made us download an App called Ocha, in which 14 days before traveling to Tokyo you had to register your temperature, your symptoms, and then they gave you a QR code that at the airport they asked you no less than 12 times, passing different stages. When you arrived they swabbed you, masks everywhere, the transfer went from the airport to the Olympic Village, and we stayed there until we returned to our country. It was really a bubble. “

Dolores Moreira also referred to life inside the Olympic Village and the Hotel where they stayed at the Games. “The hotel was beautiful, with 7 pools, but all of them were fenced and with security guards. From the bedroom window we could see the ocean, and the pools that were used by the townspeople. While we watched from the balcony drinking mate “.

Regarding the coexistence within the Villa, he said that “It was very different from Rio, especially on the subject of socializing with other people. In the Villa itself, people between one sport and another did not exchange, and that was not the case before. That was due to the issue of covid, because if there was a contagion, by close contact you could stay without competing and there were cases within the Villa. In fact, with the fact of having shared the bus with a positive case, you were isolated. We had lunch with screens and everything, worse on buses we would all go together less than half a meter from another person. Every day we had swabs and filled in Ocha’s data. The day we go out, all the athletes delete the App immediately ”.

The Uruguayan sailor praised the attitude of the Japanese, who despite the fact that the vast majority did not speak English, at all times showed a great predisposition to fulfill the requests of the athletes and make them feel comfortable. “The Japanese did things very well, knowing the difficulties they had with all of this pandemic. They had to think of a thousand things, they did the best they could. They did not speak English. In the hotel we had some problems regarding that, but somehow they were trying to communicate ”.

Asked about the differences that exist between Uruguay and the rest of the countries that participate in the Olympic Games to have a reference, Moreira said that “to begin with, in all the championships the coach of the competitors has a meteorological base and on the tablet it has the data, the current of the water, has all the data. In our case, our barometer and our buoy to see the current is a plastic bottle half full, we threw it into the water and timed 30 seconds to see where and how much it moved. From there, many more. Now in the Olympic Games other countries carried four containers with gyms, physiotherapy rooms, video analysis room. Our container was able to rescue an armchair that the US team had thrown away, and worse, it was late because it had been lost. We only got it back the day the boats were delivered to us ”.

Lola also spoke about her cabals, and said that “in the back of my boat, my coach goes with a black fiber and writes“ Garra Charrúa ”and draws a bow and arrow, but in the Olympic Games they made me cover it because it could be taken as advertising. I have one with my mother, in which she always sends me a message before competing. And always before going to the water I listen to the same three songs, Uruguayan “

Finally, he referred to what lies ahead for his career as a sailor: “Now the South American is coming in Rio de Janeiro, and in October we will go with the Uruguayan team to train Switzerland, which is something very good. The Gold Cup is being formed, a new event that will take place every several years and can only be classified through a special ranking. There

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