Marco Luciano leads those selected in the 2021 LIDOM Rookie Draft

Marco Luciano leads those selected in the 2021 LIDOM Rookie Draft

The Dominican shortstop, No. 5 prospect in the Major Leagues, was taken by the Eastern Stars as the first overall pick in the Winter Ball Rookie Draw

One of the open secrets for him Draft LIDOM 2021 It was fulfilled from the very first chosen when the prospect number five of the Major Leagues, Marco Luciano, shortstop of the San Francisco Giants, was taken by the Eastern Stars as the first overall pick in the draw.

Felix peguero, manager of the Eastern Stars, declared: “Very happy to be able to select him for the second time, first with the Giants (of San Francisco), now with the Stars. He is a super special player, on and off the field. He is a player who contributes; We have plans with him, I have a lot of history with him. He is very hungry, he is very hungry to grow and he wants to play in the league ”.

The second pick was the 11th major league prospect, Noelvi Martinez, shortstop for the Seattle Mariners. In this regard, the manager of the group referred Giants of the Cibao, Jesús Mejía, pointed out that in a draft with as much talent as that of 2021, you have to identify the player who is going to contribute on and off the pitch, in the present and in the future. You want someone who is a good teammate, who wants to be a leader for other teammates.

The third overall selection was Lions of the Chosen One, who chose the Houston Astros catcher, Yainer Diaz, Houston Astros’ 14th prospect.

The national and Caribbean champions, Aguilas Cibaeñas, they took the fourth pick turn to take the gardener Alexander Canario.

The 21-time champions of the Dominican Republic, Tigres del Licey, they had the fifth pick in the first round, deciding to pick shortstop Orelvis Martinez, shortstop for Toronto Blue Jays.

The Bulls of the East closed the first round with the selection of Robert Puasón, No. 10 Oakland Athletics prospect and a home native. The general manager of the bullfighting team, Raymond Abreu, assured that the chances of Puasón playing in the Dominican winter ball are extremely high.

Second round

The Stars reopened the round, this time choosing George Valera, Cleveland Indians number two prospect, outfielder George Valera.

The Giants continued with shortstop Liover Peguero, shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was followed by Leones del Escogido with another shortstop, Eddys leonard. Águilas Cibaeñas chose shortstop Jose Rodriguez Chicago White Sox, followed by Tigres del Licey, who chose the outfielder Johan Rojas and the second round concluded with Toros del Este choosing Erubiel Angeles, also shortstop, from San Diego Padres.

The big surprise of the night

“The Martian”, Jasson Dominguez, the No. 1 prospect of the New York Yankees and No. 17 in the Major Leagues, was chosen in the third with the No. 15 overall pick.

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