Scaloni on the scandal in Brazil: “We never thought the match was going to be suspended; we are going to accept what FIFA says”

Scaloni on the scandal in Brazil: "We never thought the match was going to be suspended; we are going to accept what FIFA says"

Lionel Scaloni, DT of the Argentine National Team, spoke in the prelude to the match against Bolivia for the 10th date of the South American Qualifiers. The coach referred to the scandal in Brazil, did not confirm the full starting team, but did emphasize that Juan Musso will be the goalkeeper from the start in the team headed by Lionel Messi.

Scaloni left several concepts regarding what happened in Brazil and highlighted how important it is to match against those led by César Farías: “They are an opponent who plays well as a visitor, they are grouped well. They also have the scorer of the Eliminators.”

The best phrases of the Albiceleste coach at a press conference:

– “The disappointment of everyone who was left without a show. The feeling is ugly, strange because we couldn’t play football, which is what we wanted.”

– “After this date with Bolivia, we have to rethink a lot of things. The issue of the transfer of players cannot happen, many teams were left without their players, some of ours had to leave. We will meet with the coaches , the federations and you have to make a determination, you can’t continue like this. “

– “At no time did we think that what happened could happen, we had the” ok “of CONMEBOL. It was all very strange and very strange”.

– “After playing with Venezuela and the players (Premier League) tell me some circumstances that were happening in their club. The decision that they return was made by me, it was arranged so that it would be after Brazil, they were overwhelmed by things that were happening We cannot put the players in these difficulties and not have to walk with these worries. “

– “I think we are the only (South American) team that could have all the players. We had everything in order, we didn’t do anything weird and I think FIFA agreed with the summons of players since it will sanction the teams.”

– “I do not see such an easy solution if the clubs continue with this position, but a solution must be found.”

– “The qualifying protocol is clear, all the national teams have been respecting it. We are going to accept what FIFA says, whatever they decide will be fine.”

– “I cannot assure you that the person who entered the field was armed.”

– “It was a friendly talk we had with Tite and Neymar, we were incredulous. We left because the CONMEBOL deputy told us to go to the dressing room and there we realized that it was something serious.”

– “We are strong as a group, we don’t know who was behind that. We played soccer.”

– “The Brazilian thing did not change the planning of the game with Bolivia, we have to win.”

– “We do not have the confirmed team, we still have to see who will replace the boys who are not there. We will wait for training today.”

– “Juan (Musso) is going to be the goalkeeper because he has been working well, he is a very beloved boy in the group and an opportunity opens up for him, he will surely take advantage of it.”

– “We know how difficult Bolivia is as a rival.”

– “Moreno Martins is the soul of Bolivia, he is a player that every coach would like to have on his team.”

– “It is a team that tries to play football as a visitor, they are grouped very well against rivals. It is difficult, we must not trust at all”.

– “We are in good spirits to face this vital game and we have enough staff to replace the players so that the game does not suffer, we hope that the weather can accompany it.”

– “It is a great joy that people can come to see the National Team, although with limited capacity it is already an incredible advance. It is a beautiful feeling. The case of the celebrations would be left for after the game, the important thing now is to win the three points against Bolivia and then enjoy the victory we achieved in the Copa América with the people. “

– “For me the fan is unconditional with the National Team, I don’t think that has changed. Having won a title helps, but I don’t think people are against the National Team. Those who come to see the National Team are not the fans on the weekends, it’s more familiar. “

– “I am in favor of playing indoors, when everything returns to normal we will analyze it.”

– “Our player base is higher than the average of several teams and we are calm about that, but we are always seeing the players from the local environment.”

– “We are a team that is going to compete, difficult. We can make things difficult for the best (European) and it is not appropriate to say whether or not we can win the World Cup. If we have to go, we are going to compete with everyone. This team is not going to leave anyone lying “.

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