The 5 rivals Tyson Fury wants to face in his next fights

Los 5 rivales que Tyson Fury quiere enfrentar en sus próximas peleas

Tyson fury, heavyweight champion of the World Boxing Council, announced that he has a list of what his next five rivals would be in the medium and short term.

“I have my wish list in order and it is like this, Deontay Wilder in october then Dillian whyte, fight at home in December, probably in the Cardiff Principality Stadium, later Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia in March (2022), and then I can give him a rematch in the summer at Wembley; and finally Derek ChisoraMaybe Cardiff again, next winter (2022), ”he told BT Sport Boxing.

And he made it clear that none of the five are at his level, since he is the best heavyweight in history.

“There is no problem with any of these homeless people,” he explained. . ‘Yes, homeless people. That’s how I call them compared to myself, the greatest fighter of all time. ‘

Then he began to give his opinion on these boxers with what he will face, starting with Deontay Wilder.

Wilder, I almost feel sorry for him. Although not so much because he was silent at the last press conference. Like an idiot, ”he added. “So for not helping me sell tickets and pay-per-view, I should take 20 percent out of your pocket. The delay in this fight could have given him time to get over the beating I gave him in our second fight, ”he argued.

“But by the end of the first round in Las Vegas he will have realized that he is back where we left off and is about to be demolished again. This time in much less than seven rounds ”, he clarified.

Tyson Fury and his take on Dillian Whyte, Anthony Joshua and Derek Chisora ​​as rivals

The Englishman also had words before his compatriot Dillian whyte, who has stated that he wants a shot at his title.

Dillian he keeps talking about how he deserves a world title shot. Since I haven’t fought in England for a long time and Joshua won’t be ready for December, I’ll include him and shut him up. Easy. As long as he does not ask for money like crazy, because that will mean that he does not want to fight me, “he said.

As to Joshua, and that dream fight that could not be carried out in 2021 due to the problem with Deontay Wilder, Gypsy king assured that they fought twice.

“Joshua is just a bodybuilder, while I am the best heavyweight in the world, the best athlete, the most devastating puncher, the most flamboyant personality, the most handsome. He will lose big twice, ”he warned.

Finally, he had a few words to Derek Chisora, current International champion of the AMB.

“Chisora ​​continues to provoke me, so it will be fun for me to shut him up once and for all,” he said.

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