The best phrases of Lionel Messi’s exclusive talk with FOOTBALL 90

The best phrases of Lionel Messi's exclusive talk with FOOTBALL 90

Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentina National Team, had an extensive telephone conversation with FOOTBALL 90, in which he recounted his feelings for the consecration in the Copa América 2021, analyzed the present of the team and also recalled the bad moments lived with the Albiceleste.

Next, the best phrases of Leo on ESPN F90:

“There are moments that I do not like to see, but it is part of the game, of what it touches. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t … luckily the last one was different”

“We are seeing that everything is crazy, it is a pity that it cannot be a full stadium due to the pandemic. Everything comes together a little: a long time without winning something, a long time without being able to go to the field, a long time without seeing the Selection … it is a spectacular moment for us. We really want to enjoy it “.

“I would have loved that my family could be in the Copa América, that they could not witness any game either. It was a bit the price we had to pay. We were just champions when they weren’t …”

“We have a spectacular group, which has been getting stronger. Before we also had it in 2014, 2015, 2016, we were friends, we all enjoyed ourselves. At that time we reached the finals being a spectacular group, but when you win, everything is seen differently. Unfortunately. they only look at whether you win or lose. “

“Finally a happy vacation from the first to the last day. Before we were bitter and now it was different from beginning to end.”

“We don’t have much information about the party. The first thing we have to think about is winning all three points. We don’t have to deviate from focus.”

“A part of journalism treated us as failures, we said that we did not feel the shirt, that we did not have to be in the National Team. Not everything happens to win or lose. We try to be champions, we were the first to want to be. It is very difficult to win a World Cup or America’s Cup. We always believe that we are the best in the world and we must start by recognizing that we are not the best. There are other very good teams. We have to start with humility, work, always giving our best and to grow. We are neither the worst when we lose nor the best when we win. “

“The important thing is to be satisfied that you gave everything. Unfortunately, only one wins. At that time it was not valued. It was only emphasized that we did not meet the objective.”

“My children sing the songs of Argentina all the time, they remember the final against Brazil and it is spectacular for me to see how they enjoy that. Every two by three they tell me: ‘Dad you were champion’. I can’t explain it.”

The moment of consecration: “I didn’t quite understand what was happening. It was like a dream, a spectacular moment. I enjoy it more when I see the images than at that moment, that I was gone. I couldn’t believe it had happened.”

“I have the peace of mind of having achieved the dream that has been denied me so many times.”

“Everything I won was important and beautiful, but this was the most difficult because I went through a lot … it was blow after blow.”

“Although the objectives were not met, I had many good moments. The 2015 Copa América, 2016 was the same. The 2014 World Cup process was very good. Today I grew a lot more as a player, I tried to assimilate other things to my game.”

“We had a very strong group, we went through many difficulties and we did not care about anything. The group had a very clear objective and we did not get out of there. We knew how to play the games, sometimes better and sometimes worse. In these short tournaments we have to get results, which don’t score goals. As time goes by, the game is going to flow and it will continue to grow, because when you win you will free yourself. “

“This is a turning point: we have to take advantage of the clean and jerk to finish growing as a team and in the game.”

“Today I throw myself a little further back, I try not to be only three-quarters of the court forward. I try to be more assisting, manage the game times. I don’t have as much arrival there as before, but I continue to generate them.”

“The kick was ugly. At the time I was scared. Later I had discomfort in the game, but it was just the blow.”

“Scaloni is one of us, he has great merit. He was the one who formed the National Team, the one who believed, the one who took hold in a difficult moment. He gave us confidence, he was bringing in new people, he always knew what he wanted and grew. From the Copa América 2019 we took a leap “.

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