Approved and disapproved of the Mexican National Team after three Concacaf qualifying matches

Approved and disapproved of the Mexican National Team after three Concacaf qualifying matches

ESPN presents the Tri players who stood out during this FIFA Date and those who did not give their best performance

Mexico marches as the leader of the Concacaf qualifying round towards Qatar 2022 with seven points, after beating Jamaica, Costa Rica and drawing one goal with PanamaHowever, there are contrasts in the level that he has shown in his different lines, as some players did not offer their best version in the first third of duels in the competition.


Despite the error against Panama, in which he tried to cut a low ball on the front of the small area and put it immobile in front for Rolando Blackburn to connect it, the archer of the thousand battles with the Mexican National Team once again showed that he is highly reliable under sticks, as he had more successes than blunders against the rival in turn.

Against Jamaica, Ochoa saved Mexico from a touchdown after intervening a Norman Campbell arrival from the right, which was generated due to an error in the mark by Nestor Araujo and a poor cut by Jesús Gallardo at 34 ‘.

At minute 18 of the match against Costa Rica, Paco Memo deflected a shot from Bryan Ruiz that would have meant 1-0 against.

Against Panama, the goalkeeper returned to shine on the goal line, after covering a shot by Alberto Quintero close to the penalty spot just at minute 2, which would have meant a tough slope for El Tri against the Central American team.

Facing Jamaica, Andrés Guarded barely saw a couple of minutes on the court, however, against Costa Rica he rose to prominence as one of the best players in Tri, thanks to the offensive contribution and vision in the second third of the field, in addition to being a direct factor in the only goal of the match, after receiving a kick from Bryan Oviedo inside the area, which the whistler scored as a penalty.

As a revulsive against Panama, after a first half lacking offensive plays, Guardado occupied the right side of midfield and collaborated in giving life to the tricolor attack, with successful passes and stepping on the area along with the rest of his teammates to exert pressure, or well, backing up to get the ball out from defense.

He did not participate against Jamaica because he traveled late from Europe to concentrate with El Tri and his role against Costa Rica went to a secondary level due to the low generation of plays on the right wing, however, against Panama resurfaced during the complement and, on the left flank, he showed the dribbling ability, speed and scoring ability that characterizes him.

With the negative scoreboard, El Tri took the initiative in the second period against the canal team and the ball rewarded Corona’s performance at 76 ‘, after finding him inside the area to hit the goal, after bouncing off the post thanks to a shot by Sebastián Córdova when we have the information.

The forward was injured during the duel against Costa Rica due to a hard tackle from behind committed by Celso Borges in midfieldHowever, his presence against Jamaica and 38 minutes against the Ticos showed that the national jersey does not weigh him down at all.

Against the Caribbean rival, Vega stood out for his speed on the right wing, overflow and ability to get out, leave rivals behind and connect with centers, in addition to collaborating with a goal at 45 ‘+ 4, thanks to a trip to the center of the field on the front of the large area that ended in the nets after a right shot.

Against Costa Rica, his qualities made him a dangerous footballer for the goal of Keylor Navas, however, he retired to the hospital to be valued after the hard sweep of the rival.

As a relief from Rogelio Funes Mori at the top of the attack, the 28-year-old forward raised his hand to receive more opportunities in the starting eleven, thanks to the forcefulness during his playing time, as well as the good association with his teammates to destabilize the rival defense in turn.

Against Jamaica, Martín saved Tri’s ballots on the hour, as he declared victory for his cause at minute 90, after hitting the ball on the front of the large area and sending it towards goalkeeper Andre Blake’s right squad.

For his part, against Costa Rica and Panama, Henry and the relays gave another face to the attack of the national team, which allowed him to maintain the harvest of points to culminate as leader of the confederation.


Against Jamaica, The 23-year-old left-back lived his first minutes in a tie in the zone and his performance left much to be desired, as he was overtaken by his rivals on that flank and whose high point was a defensive header inside the area to avoid a dangerous play, which culminated in a goal because he handed the ball to the rival and Shamar Nicholson took advantage of the gift.

Despite his experience in European football and height of 1.88 meters, the central defender misses the balls in the air, misses the mark, tends to give compromised balls to his teammates, Or, it takes time to get rid of the ball and the rival corners it.

Against Jamaica, a weak follow-up to Nicholson at ’35 ended in a leaked ball for a partner, which Guillermo Ochoa managed to hand to avoid the 1-0 against.

Against Costa Rica, the rival’s aerial game almost took its toll in the tricolor framework because, before the weak mark of Araujo and his line mates, a throw-in near the end line ended in a shot to the left hairpin.

In the last duel of the FIFA Date, Araujo repeatedly committed the ball within his zone to try to clear, in addition to being static in the play of the Panamanian goal, in which Rolando Blackburn passed him in the back and finished off door.

The Argentine-born became the first starting center forward for Tri to not score during the first three rounds of a Concacaf tie. and, as he added minutes, he became a victim of pressure for not seeing a door.

Against Jamaica, at minute 24 ‘one of the two clearest opportunities of the match failed, after sending on one side, despite not having a mark, a service on the right of the full-back Jorge Sánchez.

Against Costa Rica, at minute 20 he had a serious failure in a heads-up with Keylor Navas, after Andrés Guardado stole the ball on the edge of the area and left him alone and at 57 ‘, in a dangerous play, he erred a pass for Obelín Pineda and wasted the situation.

Finally, against Panama he retired from the field after about 45 very discreet minutes, in which he did not disturb the frame or generate dangerous plays.

The 23-year-old attacking midfielder also lived his first minutes in a tie and the stage did not show his best qualities on the pitch.

In the duel against Jamaica, the ‘Piojo’ went unnoticed during most of the duel, with little dangerous centers and lacking overflow, however, the biggest mistake he made was in the 63rd minute, after crashing a ball to the base of the left post while he was alone in front of the frame.

Against Costa Rica he entered exchange for Jesús Corona at 71 ‘; He had greater arrival and retention of the ball to allow the pieces to take their place in the search for a shot, however, his performance was not optimal.

With only minutes in front of Panama, the midfielder looked blurred on the field of play and was the player with the least poster on that strip of the field to connect with his teammates or stepping into the area in the fight to equalize the score. Similarly, in defense he collaborated very little with Jorge Sánchez to stop the rivals.

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