Juan Fernando Quintero, Colombia’s solution to take advantage of Chile’s weaknesses

Juan Fernando Quintero, Colombia's solution to take advantage of Chile's weaknesses

Victory is urgent for the Colombian National Team this afternoon at the close of the triple knockout date. The Chileans are antepenultimate and cannot speculate on what they will leave behind, a situation that favors Quintero’s football.

‘La Roja’ is a very aggressive team, now with another seasoning that gives it more offensive power. The new team led by Uruguayan coach Martín Lasarte is planted on the pitch with a line of three defenders and two full-backs.

The latter means that it has more men thrown into the attack and it is a more dangerous team; however, in the defensive zone he is very open and can be surprised by an intelligent team that uses offensive quick triangulations very well.

In this case, The Colombian National Team could take advantage of the characteristics and vision of the game of a footballer like Juan Fernando Quintero, to hurt the Chilean team and cause them many problems in the defensive part to defeat them and get the three points that Reinaldo Rueda needs so much.

‘JuanFer’ could handle the counterattacks and, from the middle of the court, distribute the ball to the different areas where he finds unmarked teammates so that they look for the opposite goal and try to score. This can be done with front changes, balls filtered between the rival defense or flank centers from the right or left wing.

In addition, he can go out at speed and join the forwards to reach goal position, close to the opposite area, to take advantage of his great long and medium distance punch. In this place, he could also look for dangerous fouls to take with his left leg and try to beat goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

Another possibility that the Tricolor team would have with Quintero would be to manage the game in midfield. If the counterattacks or transitions do not work, the creation midfielder would have the power to give the team pause and to partner with their teammates to patiently build the actions necessary to find the goals and achieve victory.

“All games are different. They have always been a very difficult and competitive rival due to the quality of their players, the DNA of the Chilean player and his fine technique, and even more this generation combined with the youngsters. You have to play the game, we hope have control of the game, make the proposal that corresponds to us and know how to control the rival who has great virtues, “explained DT Rueda.

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