NFL records that could fall in a 17-game season

NFL records that could fall in a 17-game season

The 2021 campaign with an extra game represents an opportunity to surpass multiple all-time league records.

The possibility of play one more game during the regular season will make it possible to rewrite the book of records of the NFL. The league had a schedule of 16 regular season games per team from 1978 through 2020 but, as of this year, increased to 17. Here are some of the more prominent marks that could be broken:

More aerial yards | Peyton Manning: 5,477 in 2013

  • In the season when Manning implanted the record, averaged 342.3 passing yards per game to arrive at that figure mentioned above.

  • In 2020, Dak prescott he was averaging 371.2 passing yards per game, but an ankle injury in Week 5 prematurely ended his season. With that average, it would not only destroy the Manning, but would have become the first quarterback in the history of the NFL in surpassing 6,000 passing yards in a single season with 6,310.

  • The last quarterback to exceed 5,000 passing yards in a year was Jameis winston with 5,109 in 2019. His average of 319.3 would put him within 50 yards of exceeding the record from Manning in a campaign of 17 matches.

More touchdown passes | Peyton Manning: 55 in 2013

  • Manning is only one of three quarterbacks in history with at least 50 touchdown passes in a season, the others are Tom brady and Patrick Mahomes.

  • Yes Mahomes aspires to break this record It would have to be even better than in 2018, when he threw 50 touchdown passes. With the average number of touchdown passes per game he had that year (3.1), he would be two short of equaling the mark, but it cannot be ruled out that he does.

  • Mahomes he would have to average 3.3 touchdown passes per game to break this mark.

More rushing yards | Eric Dickerson: 2,105 in 1984

  • Derrick Henry he rushed for 2,027 yards in 16 games during the 2020 campaign, becoming just the eighth player in the history of the NFL to overcome the barrier of 2,000 rushing yards in one season.

  • Henry he averaged 126.7 rushing yards per game in 2020. If he maintains that average in a season of 17 sets, would reach 2,154 yards and become the new man record carrying the ball.

  • The good news for Henry is that each season he has increased his records in rushing yards. The bad news is that no player in the history of the league has surpassed 2,000 rushing yards in consecutive seasons, not even one who has done it multiple times.

More receptions | Michael Thomas: 149 in 2019

  • Thomas surpassed the previous mark of Marvin harrison of 143 receptions in 2002, but he did it with Drew Brees as his quarterback. Now that Brees retired, he will have to come to terms with Jameis winston.

  • Davante adams was the one who had the highest average receptions per game (8.21) in 2020 and would need to average 8.82 receptions per game during a season of 17 matches to implant a new record. With Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback, he has a good chance of pulling it off.

  • Another receiver that could get it is Stefon diggs, who averaged 7.94 receptions per game during his first season with quarterback Josh Allen. We should not rule out Diggs in 2021.

More touchdown receptions | Randy Moss: 23 in 2007

  • Moss recorded eight games with multiple touchdown receptions in that campaign, even in one of them he got four annotations. It should be noted that whoever threw the passes that season was Tom brady.

  • Davante adams He caught 18 touchdown passes in 2020 in just 14 games, becoming only the fifth wide receiver in American history. NFL with at least 18 touchdown receptions in a single season.

  • Yes Adams has a similar performance this year, he could be fighting to reach and surpass that mark with 17 matches in front.

More total yards | Chris Johnson: 2,509 in 2009

  • Johnson he got that figure averaging 156.8 total yards per game that season. His total yards were divided into 2,006 on the ground and 408 received.

  • Christian mccaffrey led the NFL in 2019 with 2,392 total yards, averaging 149.5 yards per game.

  • Yes McCaffrey maintain that average in a season of 17 matches, would culminate with 2,541 yards and establish a new record on the NFL.

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