Shakur Stevenson says that by letting Oscar Valdez fight boxing took a step back

Shakur Stevenson dice que al dejar pelear a Óscar Valdez el boxeo dio un paso atrás

Shakur stevenson, featherweight champion of the OMB, assured that boxing has lost by allowing Oscar Valdez fight, despite your doping.

“I definitely shouldn’t be fighting,” he said. Stevenson to BoxingScene. “I’m with people who think he shouldn’t be fighting. I think it’s great for me because I still have a chance to fight him, but I think they just gave him a pat on the wrist. And I don’t agree with the decision they made. But I guess every time I fight him, I’ll make sure that VADA be on top of him in his camp. “

For Stevenson, the risks that are run are many, and the prestige of boxing as a sport remains at stake.

“For example, what happens if someone enters the ring when cheating, or even with this fight with Robson on the way? God forbid, don’t get me wrong, but what if (Valdez) hits (Conceicao) on the back of the head or with a blow it hurts him and then ends up in a coma? ” Stevenson. “There are a lot of things that can happen, so at the end of the day I feel like you shouldn’t be in the ring, cheating and getting away with it. I feel like boxing took a big step back when they did that, when they allowed Valdez will fight. And I don’t agree at all ”.

Stevenson, made it clear that fighters risk their lives every time they step into the ring, so it is a joke that several boxers cheat and consume prohibited substances to improve their performance.

“I feel like we definitely risk our lives when we enter the ring,” he explained. Shakur. “And you know there have been a lot of deaths in boxing in the past year. And I feel that there are people dying and risking their lives. I feel like there is no reason why people can cheat and get in the ring and get away with it. “

Shakur stevenson He even believes that there should be a prison sentence for those who commit a doping offense.

“I feel like (Valdez) and commented that people go to jail for cheating, and I agree with that, “he says. Shakur. “I think people should be locked up for cheating, because at the end of the day the fighter’s life is at stake.”

Shakur saw more punch in Valdez against Berchelt

The featherweight champion assured that he has been watching the Mexican boxer for a long time. And he points out that in his fight against ‘Scorpion’ Berchelt he saw much more power in his strike, something that had not been manifested before.

“I’ve seen him fight a lot and seeing that fight, it seemed like he was hitting much harder than he used to,” he warned. Stevenson. “I think he knocked him down a couple of times, he hurt him a couple times in that fight. And he even had a brutal knockout over Berchelt that not everyone expected. But if he was cheating, that takes away the victory. “

Shakur stevenson ensures that recognition in boxing should be taken away from Oscar Valdez for his triumph over Berchelt.

“I feel like they should give back to Berchelt as champion and strip him of the belt (to Valdez) and all that kind of thing because he cheated, “he said. Shakur. “At the end of the day, you cheated. But I suppose you can mask it in the tests and hide in many ways that you are cheating. So I guess they won’t catch him. “

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