The last times that Argentina received Bolivia for the South American Qualifiers

The last times that Argentina received Bolivia for the South American Qualifiers

The Argentina National Team wants to celebrate its Copa América title against Bolivia, but Lionel Scaloni asked that the celebrations take place post-match so that the team does not blur the objective, which is to add another three points that bring it closer to the Qatar World Cup 2022 .

The most recent antecedents show that the Albiceleste won four of the last five times they received the Green in the South American Qualifiers.

In qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, it was a 2-0 victory with goals from Gabriel Mercado and Lionel Messi, from a penalty, with the particularity that the match was played at the Mario Kempes stadium in Córdoba.

The four previous matches between these two teams were at the Monumental stadium, place that the Argentine team returns this Thursday, after more than four years, and with the partial return of the public after the ban due to the pandemic.

On the way to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, it was the only time in the history of the Qualifiers that Bolivia took a point from Buenos Aires. It was 1-1, with a goal from Marcelo Martins, who put the visitors ahead, but Ezequiel Lavezzi quickly tied it. The peculiarity is that four months earlier, at the Copa América in Argentina, they had also drawn 1-1 and the immediate previous clash had been the 6-1 defeat of the Albiceleste in La Paz.

In the previous two qualifying matches, Argentina thrashed 3-0. The one in 2007, for the 2010 World Cup in Germany, was the first with Messi, although the goals were scored by Sergio Agüero and Juan Román Riquelme, twice. In 2000, Argentina won 1-0 and they were home victories in the remaining crosses.

Except for a hit from Bolivia, which does not come in a great moment, penultimate in the standings, the Scaloni National Team has a good opportunity to celebrate a historic title with its people and take another step towards Qatar 2022. The match will begin at 20:30.


10/13/2020 Bolivia 1 – 2 Argentina (2020 South American Qualifiers)

03/29/2016 Argentina 2 – 0 Bolivia (South American Qualifiers 2018)

03/26/2013 Bolivia 1 – 1 Argentina (South American Qualifiers 2014)

11/11/2011 Argentina 1 -1 Bolivia (2014 South American Qualifiers)

04/01/2009 Bolivia 6 -1 Argentina (2010 South American Qualifiers)

11/17/2007 Argentina 3 -0 Bolivia (South American Qualifiers 2010)

03/26/2005 Bolivia 1 – 2 Argentina (2006 South American Qualifiers)

11/15/2003 Argentina 3 – 0 Bolivia (South American Qualifiers 2006)

04/25/2001 Bolivia 3 -3 Argentina (South American Qualifiers 2002)

06/04/2000 Argentina 1 -0 Bolivia (South American Qualifiers 2002)

04/02/1997 Bolivia 2 -1 Argentina (1998 South American Qualifiers)

04/24/1996 Argentina 3 -1 Bolivia (1998 South American Qualifiers)

09/23/1973 Bolivia 0 -1 Argentina (1974 South American Qualifiers)

09/09/1973 Argentina 4 -0 Bolivia (South American Qualifiers 1974)

08/24/1969 Argentina 1 -0 Bolivia (South American Qualifiers 1970)

07/27/1969 Bolivia 3-1 Argentina (South American Qualifiers 1970)

08/29/1965 Bolivia 1 -2 Argentina (South American Qualifiers 1966)

08/17/1965 Argentina 4 -1 Bolivia (South American Qualifiers 1966)

10/27/1957 Argentina 4 -0 Bolivia (South American Qualifiers 1958)

10/06/1957 Bolivia 2 -0 Argentina (South American Qualifiers 1958)

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