“There is no explanation”: Robson Conceicao on positive doping of Óscar Valdez

Óscar Valdez y Robson Conceicao

Robson Conceicao, rival of Oscar Valdez for the super featherweight title of CMB, He said he did not have a clear answer about the positive doping of the Sonoran and only focuses on removing the scepter from his hands.

“On the problem of the champion, what’s done is done,” said the Brazilian during a press conference. “There is no explanation, but I am here to do my best and have the biggest fight of my life. I’m here for the Brazilian fans, for my family, my team and we will be great ”.

Robson He remembered what it meant to beat Valdez in his amateur stage, but he does not believe that this new duel as professionals will be an easy thing, since he will have to deal with the fans supporting Oscar on Tucson, Arizona.

“When I faced him, it was a tough fight,” he recalled. “I fought him and his fans and that motivated me a lot and made me happy. Here we have the same. I am going to battle two opponents, him and his followers. But I am sure that I will win ”.

Amateur souvenir

Neither Valdez neither Conceicao They have still fallen in their professional careers, after the Sonoran has a 29-0 record and the Brazilian 16-0 record, but the Mexican is clear that he wants to avenge his defeat as an amateur.

“It was a close fight, but I lost,” he considered. “I was always very serious about my losses. Everyone hates to lose and I am no exception. I am a sore loser. Now that I have the opportunity to face him as professionals, I take this very seriously. I am defending my title and I am going to do whatever it takes to stay with him and avenge my defeat. “

On the positive of phentermine, Valdez He said it has been difficult to deal with the criticism, although it has helped him to realize who the people in his circle of trust really are.

“I have focused a lot on not looking at anything negative,” he said. “It has been a difficult stage, I cannot lie, but this is what we have to go through. Here you find out who is actually loyal to you and backs you up. My family and my team are definitely there ”.

Oscar will make the first defense of the belt against Robson Conceicao in a match scheduled for 12 episodes on Friday, September 10.

Inside the card they will also face Together Nakatani and Angel Acosta for the WBO world featherweight title.

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