Cam Newton acknowledges it would have been a distraction for the Patriots

Cam Newton acknowledges it would have been a distraction for the Patriots

The veteran quarterback said his presence on the New England bench would have made rookie Mac Jones uncomfortable.

Free agent quarterback Cam Newton indicated that he did not see coming His court of the New England Patriots in his first comments since the team released him 10 days ago.

Did I get cut off by surprise? Absolutely“, declared Newton in a video posted this Friday morning.

The comments of Newton were produced in a video of YouTube Live in which he sat with his father, Cecil, on the football field in the high school where he studied Newton in Atlanta.

Newton told his father that he did not believe that his five-day absence from the Patriots due to the “misunderstanding” of the COVID-19 protocol in August was the main reason for his court, but added: “During that time, I started to see signs of change. Do I think this would have happened without him being away from the team for five days? Honestly, yes. It was going to happen. Did it help facilitate the decision? Yes”.

Newton said “absolutely” would have been willing to serve as a substitute of the rookie Mac Jones, but believe that Jones I wouldn’t have been comfortable with that.

“Let me be honest with you, if they had told me, ‘Cam, we will give the equipment to Mac, you will be in the second line, we hope you are everything to guide him during this stage ‘, he would have replied,’ Absolutely ‘”, he sentenced Newton. “But listen, the truth of the matter is this: he would have been uncomfortable.”

NewtonThe 32-year-old said he is not retiring. He detailed his point of view on how things changed in practice.

“That time I found out [sobre el corte] and I looked at things differently, when I look back, he was probably getting two reps out of his 10 reps. And that’s why it was starting to make sense, “he said. Newton. “Even though it was starting, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

“I think that’s where they did a good job of disguising it: ‘Cam took reruns with the first team today. ‘ But [los miembros de la prensa] they did not know the structure of the practice. The first team goes down, the second team comes back, and then the first team comes back, too. And that’s when [Jones] he was getting first-team replays. “

Newton He said he believes that Patriots they will win games with Jones as his quarterback.

Sharing how surprised he was to learn of his court, Newton He noted that he arrived at Gillette Stadium around 8 a.m. on Aug. 31 and had to call his driver about eight minutes later. He said he was informed that Bill Belichick wanted to see him, but the coach was in a different office than he usually would be.

“[El asesor de fútbol americano de los Patriots] Matt Patricia was there, Bill was there, we said hello and started talking, “he said. Newton. “At that moment they told me that they were going to give the reins to Mac. I thought, ‘Great’. I didn’t realize, ‘Are you cutting me?‘. I was confused. We were all surprised. It was uncomfortable for everyone.

“The reason they cut me off is because, indirectly, it was going to be a distraction, without being a headline. My aura, that’s my gift and my curse. Cam Newton to your facilities [y] your franchise, people are interested in the pure fact of ‘Who is he? What is he wearing in his hair? Why does he talk? Why does he act? Why does he play?’ All those questions. “

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