Conmebol affirms that holding a World Cup every two years “would lower its quality” and indicates it as “unfeasible”

Conmebol affirms that holding a World Cup every two years "would lower its quality" and indicates it as "unfeasible"

Conmebol said this Friday that a celebration of the World Cup every two years, as proposed by FIFA, “could distort the most important football competition on the planet”, “lowering its quality and undermining its exclusive character and its current standards of exigency”.

Added that “A World Cup every two years would represent an overload that is practically impossible to manage on the international competition calendar.”

“In the conditions in force today it is already complex to harmonize times, schedules, logistics, adequate preparation of equipment and commitments”, the statement says.

Likewise, the South American body warned that the change “It could put at risk even the quality of the other tournaments, both club and national. “

“The idea of ​​the World Cup is to bring together the most talented footballers, the most outstanding coaches and the best trained referees to determine in fair and fair competition the best team on the planet. This cannot be achieved without proper preparation. , without the teams developing their qualities and the technicians designing and applying strategies “added the entity.

To limit that Conmebol “defends the pursuit of excellence in the field of play and is committed to increasingly competitive events of the highest quality” and that “there is no sporting justification to shorten the period between World Cups.”

However, Conmebol emphasizes that “For the approval of a change of this nature, a broad and participatory process of consultations with all the stakeholders involved is essential.”

“It must be the fruit of a frank debate, in which all opinions and criteria are considered. Conmebol is and will always be open to dialogue that seeks the best for football”, says the note.

In this sense, Conmebol recalled that at some point it supported the project, but that the “Technical analysis showed that it is highly unfeasible.”

“Therefore, under current conditions, it ratifies its support for the current World Cup model, with its terms and classification mechanisms, considering it consistent with the spirit that encouraged those who conceived and founded this competition”, the statement concludes.

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