Donald Trump to receive “obscene amount” of money for commenting on Holyfield vs Belfort

Donald Trump

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump He has told his close friends that he will receive an “obscene amount” of money for being a commentator in the fight between Evander holyfield and Vitor Belfort from Triller, according to TMZ Sports.

“Multiple sources with direct knowledge of the information have revealed that Trump has said that he will receive an obscene amount of money by offering an alternate commentary completely live, “revealed TMZ. “They tell us that Triller He will pay you a fortune of millions of dollars for your blow-by-blow analysis. “

However, this would not be the only thing they will put on the table to have the former mandatory. The same sources assure that Trump He has told his close friends that Triller will put a jet G5 to take it to the combat headquarters, in the Hollywood Florida Hard Rock.

Despite the closeness between the place where you live Donald and the sand, it is believed that Trump will travel to New York to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the victims of the September 11 attack. From there he will move back to Florida. And that is why you will need the plane.

Donald will be accompanied by your child in the comments. The deal was closed during the week of Labor Day in Los Angeles. USA, so it was something irrefutable for the president.

Trump’s liking for boxing

Donald trump He previously said in a statement inviting viewers to sample his comments on Holyfield vs Belfort. He has spoken out as a fan of great boxers.

“I love great boxers and stellar fights,” he said. “I hope to see you this Saturday night and share with you how I see the fight. I’m sure no one will want to miss out on this very special event. “

Triller has stood out for including personalities during his broadcasts that have gone from Oscar de la hoya even the rapper Snoop dogg.

Evander holyfield He will make his comeback at 58 after just over a decade without getting in the ring.

The historic heavyweight champion entered the relay of From the pot, who could not fight before Vitor Belfort for testing positive for coronavirus.

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