Funes Mori was far from other naturalized forwards such as Diego Costa or Miroslav Klose

Funes Mori was far from other naturalized forwards such as Diego Costa or Miroslav Klose

ESPN compares the first games of other naturalized offenses with what was done by the ‘Twin’ with the green shirt.

Rogelio Funes Mori barely added three goals in nine official games with the Mexican National Team and among the naturalized players in the world, he is one of those with the worst scoring record in the world.

The ‘Twin’ shone with three scores in the Gold Cup, where he played six games and 529 minutes; However, in the Concacaf qualifiers, already in the octagonal, it was difficult for him to find the goal and in 206 minutes, divided into three duels, he was blank. In this way, he scored a goal every 245 minutes throughout the summer that he was with the Tricolor.

Compared to other nominal forwards, who also naturalized, Funes Mori has the worst record. Only Deco, which although it was not ‘9’, has a lower mark than that of the Rayados and Mexico player.

Deco, who was born in Brazil but became Portuguese national, had his first official games at Euro 2004, where he played 434 minutes spread over five games and had no touchdowns. Then followed the 2006 World Cup in Germany with four games and just one goal.

However, Deco was never characterized by being Portugal’s center forward, as his position was more of a midfielder as a link between the midfields and the battering rams.

Among other names, those of Miroslav Klose, Lukas Podolski and Diego Costa stand out, who all had positive results in their first official games are their respective teams after naturalizing.

In the case of Klose, who became the top scorer in long-term World Cup history with his 16 goals, he became a naturalized German after being born in Poland. It was with the Teutons that he achieved, in his first 12 official games, seven scores in 676 minutes between the 2002 World Cup qualifier and the World Cup in Korea Japan.

Klose scored a goal every 96 minutes in those first games, which were official and with which he took his first steps with Germany.

In the same way, he followed Lukas podolski. Born in Poland, he became a naturalized German and had a productive career with a Teutonic passport, where in his first official games, between Euro 2004, the Confederations Cup 2005 and the 2006 World Cup, he added 12 games and six goals in 1,021 minutes, which it was a productivity of one touchdown every 170 minutes.

Finally, Diego Costa, who was born in Brazil and became naturalized Spanish, scored six goals in a total of 842 minutes in his first 11 games, with a productivity of one touchdown every 140 minutes, which left him with a good scoring record.

Thus, Funes mori It is, of the naturalized forward centers, the one with the worst goal average in his first official meetings with his national team.

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