“If I could, I would not comment on this fight,” confesses Tim Bradley about Óscar Valdez

Timothy Bradley y Óscar Valdez

Timothy bradley revealed that he would not like to be part of the commenter pool of ESPN for the fight of Oscar Valdez in view of Robson Conceicao, but he will do it to do his job.

“If I could, I would not like to comment on this fight, but I do it for work reasons,” he said. Bradley to Fighthype. “I have a commitment to the television station and I never ran from anything before in my career, so I must comply with it. I’ll be on the broadcast. “

Bradley recently blew up on a show ESPN by giving feedback on the positive of Valdez for phentermine and noted that he expected to be knocked out in his defense of the super featherweight scepter of the CMB.

However, now calmer and with a cool head, the former champion explained what his reaction was due to.

“I know I was very critical of him and said I was hoping they would knock him out,” he confessed. “Sometimes my anger is a consequence of what I was as a fighter. I was always very dedicated, I did things with caution and above all I always knew that I got into my body. If I had doubts, I always had someone to call to find out whether or not I could ingest a certain thing ”.

Tim assured that he has nothing personal against Valdez and even admired him as a boxer, but the decision to let him fight could have serious consequences in boxing.

“To be honest, Valdez He’s a great kid, I’ve been following his career for a while and I’ve seen a lot of his fights, ”he commented. “But the most frustrating thing is that nothing was done. That is the real problem here. Many fighters who abuse or use banned substances now have a loophole. Many will say that they left Valdez fight and they will shield themselves saying that it was not during competition ”.

About the fight, Bradley considered that a resounding triumph of Oscar It would increase the doubts regarding the prohibited substances, that is why he asked the Sonoran to undergo a follicular test.

“If he looks spectacular and gets a great knockout, everyone will say that he ingested something and that he is taking advantage of it,” he said. “I think so Valdez wants to clear his name, he must do the follicle test, show the result and dispel all doubts around him. “

Bradley He said that his problem goes against anti-doping protocols and that now other people will be able to take advantage of the decision that was made.

“If there is a gap in the system, they will know how to take advantage of it,” he said. “When I was in the top 15 (of the rankings of the CMB) I signed an agreement and they did tests followed with the protocol of VADA. I think they’re breaking their own rules here, it’s a slap in the face for boxing. It does nothing good for the sport. “

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