Super Uru de Clubes: in a locked duel, Montevideo Cricket was more and surpassed Los Cuervos

Super Uru de Clubes: in a locked duel, Montevideo Cricket was more and surpassed Los Cuervos

By the fifth date of the Super Uru de Clubes, Montevideo Cricket became strong and beat Los Cuervos by 13-9 at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo.

Who took the reins of the party was Montevideo Cricket that, for the first ten minutes, exerted pressure in visiting field. Product of it, Martín Burgos broke the zero of the marker, by successfully kicking the sticks after an opponent’s infraction.

The homeowners vindicated their pressure on the defense of their opponent and generated a penalty that allowed them to even things in three, with the kick to the sticks of Janssen. At the end of the first half, both teams established an even level based on your picks from the fixed formations as game generators.

The complement saw Los Cuervos lower the intensity, for which their coach, Alfredo Giuria, moved pieces on the board to be able to retake what was previously demonstrated. Given this, Montevideo Cricket took advantage of the situation and maintained superiority, especially in individual duels. The line and maul formula allowed him to reach the ingoal, from the great pressure of his pack.

Quintana saw the yellow for repeated fouls and left his team with one less, forcing them to do of the defense a flag and to maintain the good thrusts in the scrum. It was through the latter that he managed to deduct when asking for clubs for a Cricket infraction.

When the end came, the visit was dedicated to maintaining the result, before the repeated attempts of Cuervos to penetrate his defense. In this way, those led by Fernando Ponte take the victory of the night and leave their rival with five accumulated defeats.


THE CROWS (9): 17.Joaquin Jaunsolo, 2.German Kigel, 3.Santiago Bonasso, 4.F de los Santos, 5.Juan Cruz Codesal, 6.Lucas Bianchi, 7Federico Dibueno, 8.Martin Barraco, 9.Diego Galceran, 10.Martin Secco , 11.Sebastian Janssen, 12. Juan Nieto (C), 13.Rodrigo Quintana, 23.Juan Pandolfi, 15. A del Castillo.

Changes: Gonzalo Manguery by A. del Castillo, Francisco Berrutti by German Kigel, Juan Passadore by Diego Galceran, Ignacio Pereira by F. de los Santos, Carlos Kigel by Joaquin Jaunsolo, Martin Pieroni by Juan Pandolfi.

MONTEVIDEO CRICKET (13): 1.Eduardo Pose, 16.Nicolas Bourdiel, 3.Ivan Castelluccio, 19.Pablo bernasconi, 14.Mateo Fernandez, 6.Federico Cibils (C), 7.Mauro Silva, 8.Diego Magno, 9.Nicolas Gaston, 10 Juan Zuccarino, 11.Juan Pablo Risso, 12.Marcos Broveto, 13.Bautista Diana, 15.Martin Burgos, 33.Henry Frederick.

Changes: Agustin Alonso by Pablo Bernasconi, Agustin Giampedraglia by Federico Cibils, Douglas Machado by Ivan Castelluccio, Juan David by Mateo Fernandez

So many first half 16 ‘, Burgos penalty (M). 20 ‘and 42’, Janssen penalty (C).

Partial resultl: 6-3

So many seconds 50 ‘, try Magno converted by Burgos (C). 69 ‘, Burgos penalty (C). 75 ‘, penalty Janssen (C)

Final result: Los Cuervos 9-13 Montevideo Cricket

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