The King’s Series, the rebirth of LMB baseball

The King's Series, the rebirth of LMB baseball

The Yucatan Lions took a 3-0 lead in the Serie del Rey and thus attract the eyes of fans and not Mexican baseball

Indomitable Lions have taken over the finals of a season that has meant the rebirth of the Mexican Baseball League.

The long-haired ones finished third in the southern zone below the Red Devils of Mexico and the Olmecs of Tabasco, but those led by Luis Matos found their peak in the finals and have destroyed all their rivals by beating the Águila de Veracruz ( 4-2) Olmecas de Tabasco (4-1) and Red Devils of Mexico (4-1)

With that crushing walk Los Melenudos arrived for the second consecutive year in the Serie del Rey to face the Tijuana Bulls in an unprecedented final, which finished as super leaders in the regular season and who also crushed the Saraperos de Saltillo (4-1) Acereros de Monclova (4-1) and Mariachis de Guadalajara (4-2) to settle in their third series for the LMB title.

The horns arrived as the great favorites but the big difference has been made by the powerful bat of Luis “el Pepón” Juárez.

The designated hitter of the Yucatan Lions is turned into a real monster and in each turn at bat he has destroyed all 108 seams, “El Pepón” is the leader in this postseason in Home Runs (10) runs produced (24) batting percentage (4.18) total bases (60) extra bases (14) and runs scored (21) this has been the big difference, of course, we cannot stop highlighting the great pitching and play defensive of these indomitable Lions.

The Lions are up three games to zero in the King’s Series and there will be no God who prevents the long-haired ones from lifting their fifth Mexican Baseball League title, nothing, not the bravest bull that could resurface, not the incalculable miracles and surprises of the king of sports, Nothing ..!

I finish by highlighting two points that I cannot fail to mention.

First, how important and emotional the resurgence of the summer ball has been after the COVID-19 pandemic forced owners to make the difficult decision to suspend an LMB season for the first time in 95 years It was not easy for the owners recognize that it was unfeasible to have a season behind closed doors and begin a complete restructuring in the sports and administrative management of the league. In this sense, the work headed by Horacio de la Vega has been excellent, a titanic task that thanks to an invaluable effort and hard work of all those involved, the result has been very positive, congratulations to all and in good time, the best is yet to come. come.

And second, I want to acknowledge and congratulate all of my fellow ESPN members (storytellers, commentators, producers, engineers and technicians) who have done an excellent job broadcasting the entire season of the LMB.

The voices of Jorge Eduardo Sánchez and Eitan Benezra in the King’s Series have delighted us but above all they have amused and entertained us with that camaraderie that they spread and that they have generated after many years, who have enjoyed their work, knowledge and professionalism, we have enjoyed the King’s Series like never before.

Jorge and Eitan, the children of La Tusa.

But if they put the song …

You know what follows those three ellipsis.

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