The URBA Top 12 returns with an exciting 7th date: all the previous

The URBA Top 12 returns with an exciting 7th date: all the previous

The URBA Top 12 He comes back after a weekend off and is still at full throttle. This Saturday the date 7, which will be televised at 13.30 live on Star + the clash between SIC and CASI in the San Isidro classic and, at the end, from 15.40, Pucara receives in Burzaco Belgrano. Secondly, CUBA-Newman, Alumni-Hindú, Los Tilos-Regatas and San Luis-BACRC, at 15.30, they can be seen live by

SIC vs. ALMOST (Saturday at 1.30pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: It is always said that in the classics they do not count the antecedents or what the current situation of each team is, so the next duel in the ditch will not be exempt from that unwritten rule. SIC remained as the only guard, because it comes from losing the undefeated against Newman by 24 to 19. The ALMOST arrives 16 points below its traditional rival and comes from suffering the fifth fall in the contest against San Luis, in a duel very even that was also defined in the last play, by 31 to 29.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Reliving a classic in these circumstances will be a special moment for all URBA rugby, after two seasons without playing it. SIC is very firm and with some favoritism according to the latest performance. Against Newman he left undefeated on the last ball, where he paid dearly for his indiscipline, so much so that he was penalized two penalty-try against. It ALMOST failed to find an even level, it came to surpass Los Tilos on the fifth date and could not confirm its recovery on its own court, where it fell to the other club from La Plata in the tournament.

BACKGROUND: More than two years after the last classic played in the ditch, on April 13, 2019, SIC and CASI meet again in what will be the 132nd match between both clubs. The Academy leads the record, with 69 wins, the SIC won 52 and there were 10 draws.

Pucara vs. Belgrano (Saturday at 3:40 p.m. live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They started with some questions and little by little they found their ways, to improve the game and the results. Burzaco’s reds thrashed in Bella Vista, with six tries and 16 points from their scorer, Germán Klubus. In Virrey del Pino, Belgrano indulged himself and took the classic against Alumni by 33 to 20. Marrón’s performance left no doubts and sealed a solid presentation, the best of his results since he beat Newman, for the fourth date .

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: They did not start among the top teams, however little by little they began to score points and put themselves in the race for qualification. Pucará added his fourth game without losing (a draw and three victories) and in Bella Vista a good version of the Cuta Jorge team appeared. Belgrano did not arrive in full at the beginning of the URBA Top 12. The points of contact were an aspect to correct for Virrey del Pino’s team. By attitude and concentration on individual duels, Belgrano advanced a locker against Alumni, an aspect that gave them a plus to win the classic.

BACKGROUND: Belgrano won all four games between 2018 and 2019. Pucará’s last success was in 2017, 54 to 39 in Burzaco.

Alumni vs. Hindu (Saturday at 3:30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After five consecutive wins, Alumni arrived at the classic in undefeated condition, however his visit to Belgrano was not as expected, he fell 33 to 20 and fell back to fourth position in the table. For Don Torcuato the alarm was turned on by the falls in a row against SIC and Newman, the latter by a score they did not expect, a 51 to 15 thrashing. The match against CUBA was key to recovering and after a set against (15-18) , in the second half the tries appeared to win again, this time by 36 to 25.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Since the finals played by the URBA Top 12, a certain rivalry between Alumni and Hindu has become customary. Matches played, played with great intensity and celebrations with alternation by both sides. In a short tournament with only one wheel and with a second half where the points will be dragged, each game is played as the last. If they want to be up for the final stage, the clash on Saturday will be very important for the future and to be among the best four.

BACKGROUND: Finalists in 2017 and 2018 with a title for each club, the last matches were in 2019, with one success per side. In Tortuguitas Alumni thrashed by 43 to 17, while in Don Torcuato, the Elephant took him by 33 to 17.

Los Tilos vs. Regattas (Saturday at 3.30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: For the sixth date, Los Tilos beat BACRC by 30 to 23 in a match where the two teams that rose in 2019 were measured. In Barrio Obrero there is a festive atmosphere, since in addition to accumulating the third victory in the contest, this Joaquín Tuculet, the former Los Pumas fullback who comes from playing in the Toronto Arrows of the MLR, will again wear the green jersey over the weekend. On the 15th he will share the field with his two brothers, Manuel and Mateo, in what will be a luxury reinforcement for local rugby. Regattas closes the URBA Top 12 table, with only one point achieved in six dates. He comes from falling in Bella Vista against Pucará by 46 to 25.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For the La Plata team, the return of Joaquín Tuculet to the first team is an event. After many years in professional rugby he will be a luxury addition to rugby in Buenos Aires. For Bella Vista it is also noted that there is a very young team in full training stage. Improving defense and being a little more forceful when attacking will be the objectives of the auriazul team.

BACKGROUND: In 2016 they played for the last time in Barrio Obrero, where green beat Regatas by 15 to 6. The Bella Vista team has not beat Los Tilos in La Plata since 2009, when they won by 18 to 13.

St. Louis vs. Buenos Aires (Saturday at 3:30 p.m. on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Finally, it was given to San Luis, which had the first hit of the season. In a great match they beat CASI in San Isidro, by 31 to 29. The Maristas had achieved a draw against Pucará and then lost the other four, three of them with the defensive bonus. Buenos Aires transits its first URBA Top 12 since it has been played with this format. They still could not win and added their sixth loss in a row, however in the last two matches they took the bonus for losing by less than seven goals (24-29 vs. Pucará and 23-30 vs. Los Tilos).

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: San Luis is a team that undergoes a pronounced generational change, with respect to the last cast that competed in 2019. With much effort and youth in its initial XV, the results appear little by little. BACRC struggled to arm itself in the return to rugby after the pandemic. In a year of transition the focus will be on consolidating the team for 2022. At times they showed that they have some very interesting movements and players.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2015, when San Luis won by 39 to 17. The previous matches for Group I were in 2009 and 2011, with Marist successes, by 22 to 19 and 29 to 18.

CUBA vs. Newman (Saturday at 3:30 pm on live)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Great game between two teams that played a leading role so far in the championship. CUBA was a leader until the last date, but in their visit to Hindú they left undefeated (25-36). Newman climbed to the top after two great performances at his Benavidez court. On the fifth date, with a tremendous win against Hindú, and on the last with a great comeback against the SIC by 24 to 19, a game they lost 19 to 3 when averaging the second half.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Another of the clashes with a recent history and very close duels in recent times. In CUBA there was a very profound change regarding the team that fought not to be relegated in 2018 and 2019. On Newman’s side there is a common dream that is focused on achieving the first title with the Superior division. A desire of many litters and that today is supported by the level that El Cardenal holds. Match with many seasonings and an uncertain result that can be turned anywhere.

BACKGROUND: The draw in six goals on the last date of the 2019 tournament saved CUBA from direct relegation and led to the playoffs, but at the same time, it left Newman out of the semifinals. In Villa de Mayo, in the first round of that year the triumph went to the Cardinal by 24 to 17.

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