Tyson Fury wants to fight Mike Tyson and supports YouTubers in boxing

Tyson Fury quiere pelear con Mike Tyson y apoya a YouTubers en el boxeo

Tyson fury, heavyweight champion of the CMB, he assured that he wants to fight against Mike tyson in an exhibition fight in the near future. This after Mike mentioned a few days ago that he has on his radar Fury.

“I loved seeing Mike (Tyson) go back and fight. I would love to fight Mike tyson in an exhibition, ”he said Tyson fury in interview for IFL TV. “If the fight of Dillian whyte not happening, then I would love to fight with Mike. Tyson against Tyson, past versus present. There is a lot of fun in this game. “

The Briton noted that boxing veterans who stay in great shape and want to return to the ring should always be given the opportunity to put their gloves back on.

“I like to see all these people, you have Holyfield fighting against Vitor Belfort in a minute. I’m looking forward to. Holyfield is 60 and the other is 45, “Fury said. “Why should we kill the dreams of these people if they are testing themselves, they are in shape and they are giving themselves a chance?”

In the same way, he was excited about the next exhibition fight between the former heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield, against former UFC, Vitor Belfort.

Tyson Fury supports youtuber boxers

The same way, Gypsy king, He talked about the youtuber who have joined boxing, either in exhibition fights or officials like the brothers Jake and Logan Paul.

“Many people say that all this Youtube it’s a sh * t and you don’t want to see all these guys in boxing. But I am the heavyweight champion and the best fighter that ever lived and I like to see these YouTubers quarrel”.

Tyson fury It is emphatic that the presence of youtubers in boxing gives more visibility to the sport.

“I like to see it because it brings millions of more eyes to my sport in which I am the teacher,” he explained. “People in general, who would never watch boxing, see it because of the guys from Youtube, from the reality show of Love island and the TikTokers“.

Fury He assured that the exposure boxing is having these days has been brutal, and above all that it is being seen by young people who were not previously interested in the sport.

“The more eyes they put on boxing, the better and it does it better for the young fighters that are coming in,” he warned. “If there are millions of people watching TikTokers and stuff, then they could tune in again and see some real boxing later in life. “

In the same way, he assured that there are many people envious of what the youtuber are getting, but that this is their problem for not selling well.

“Everything is fine and public relations works for our sport. Anyone who doesn’t like that, it’s just because they’re jealous of not making the money that they (youtubers) are making, ”he said. “That’s what it’s about, envy. There is a lot of envy in this world, especially people who hate others who try to pursue their dreams because they don’t have the guts to follow theirs. “

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