Belgrano turned it around and took a great victory against Pucará

Belgrano turned it around and took a great victory against Pucará

On the seventh date of the URBA Top 12 and in a great game, Belgrano turned it around in the second half against Pucará and took a 21-8 victory in Burzaco.

In an afternoon where the wind was the protagonist, Pucará opened the scoreboard after a great play generated by the brothers Juan and Iñaki Delguy. Burzaco’s team forgave in the first half in which Belgrano made many mistakes and he played part of it with a man less after the yellow to Augusto Vaccarino at 25 ‘. Finally the first half ended 8 to 0 for Pucará after the conversion of a penalty by Germán Klubus.

The second stage was another story and Belgrano began to unfold his game more. At 15 minutes into the second period Juan Cruz Rodríguez scored for Marrón and after the conversion of the tireless Tomás Rosati the match was 8 to 7. The development was in favor of the visitor and by the hand of the third row Joaquín Moro, at pure power, He supported the rival ingoal to go to the front by 14 to 8. Finally, Agusto Vaccarino sentenced the match with the best try of the afternoon for the final result by 21 to 8 for the visiting team.

With this defeat, Pucara lost again after 4 games and has not beaten Belgrano since 2017.


PUCARA (8): 1. Tulio Sosa (C), 2. Tomás Montes, 23. Tomás Kelly, 4. Mariano Rassetto, 5. Ignacio Coppola, 6. Germán Fiocca, 18. Eliseo Fourcade, 8. Leandro Urriza, 9. Germán Klubus, 10 Alejo Coppola, 11. Tomás Buckley, 12. Nicolás González Amorosino, 13. Joaquín Paz, 14. Iñaki Delguy, 15. Juan Delguy.

Changes: ST 12 ‘Demian Alburquerque by Tomás Kelly; 21 ‘Gregorio Pascual for Leandro Urriza; 23 ‘Leandro Segovia for Eliseo Fourcade and Emilio Camba for Tomás Montes; 36 ‘Joaquin Jorge for Tomás Buckley.

Trainers: Gustavo Jorge, Conrado González Bravo and Nahuel Camargo.

BELGRANO (21): 1. Francisco Ferronato, 17. Ignacio Favre, 3. Facundo Ferreti, 19. Adolfo Martínez, 4. Augusto Vaccarino, 6. Joaquín de la Serna, 7. Joaquín Moro, 8. Agustín Rocca, 9. Ignacio Marino, 10. Tomás Rosati, 15. Juan Cruz Rodríguez, 12. Fermín Martínez, 13. Tomás Teglia, 14. Tobías Bernabé, 20. Juan Landó.

Changes: ST 22 ‘Ramón Duggan by Adolfo Martinez and Juan Brescia by Fermín Martínez; 27 ‘Felipe Adrogué for Juan Landó; 31 ‘Andrés Bianco for Facundo Ferreti.

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Diego Gradín, Luis Gradín and Francisco Gradín.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 7 ‘Try Iñaki Delguy (P); 18 & # 39; Penalty converted by Germán Klubus (P).

Partial result: PUCARÁ 8 – BELGRANO 0

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 15 ‘Try Juan Cruz Rodríguez converted by Tomás Rosati (B); 22 ‘Try Joaquín Moro converted by Tomás Rosati (B); 25 ‘Try Augusto Vaccarino converted by Tomás Rosati (B).

Final score: PUCARÁ 8- BELGRANO 21

Admonished: PT 25 ‘Augusto Vaccarino (B).

REFEREE: Tomás Bertazza

BASKETBALL COURT: Pucará, Burzaco.

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