Controversially, Óscar Valdez wins unanimous decision over Robson Conceicao

De forma controversial, Óscar Valdez se lleva decisión unánime sobre Robson Conceicao

With a controversial verdict from the judges, Oscar Valdez won by unanimous decision Robson Conceicao Friday night in Tucson, Arizona.

In a fight that was close, one of the judges scored a totally disproportionate scorecard of 117-110. The other two scored a closer fight 115-112. The referee deducted a point from the Brazilian in the ninth round, for light blows to the back of the neck, which seemed a rigorous measure.

The card of LEFT PUNCH saw win Robson Conceicao 114-113, but after deducting the point that the referee took from him, the final card was 113-113.

What started controversially ended up equally controversial. Oscar Valdez He experienced what could well be the most difficult week of his life, after having tested positive for phentermine in an anti-doping test. Finally, he received the exoneration to fight.

However, the distraction seemed to take a toll on a Oscar Valdez who found himself lacking in resources, confused by an uncomfortable, elusive and cunning rival as he was Robson Conceicao. Even so, the Mexican managed to tighten the fight, and take it away in a controversial way.

Conceicao started the first round being more active, while Valdez think a lot about the fight. The Mexican cheers up until the end of the round and hits the best shot, but Robson he is more active, attacks more, and sets the pace of the fight.

For the second round, Valdez he was already beginning to show confusion at the discomfort of Conceicao. The Mexican fails a lot, and Robson maintains the train of fight. Repeatedly tries the 1-2 envelope Valdez, and shoot with more power. There aren’t many sharp punches in the second round, but Robson continues to set the pace for the fight over Valdez.

For the third, Valdez he hit the best shot of the round. He looked more dominating, more powerful in his blows. The Mexican begins to accelerate the train of fight, and Conceicao you start to feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed, defensive.

But the Brazilian resumed in the fourth, where he once again owned the rhythm of the fight. Hit the most powerful shots. Valdez he looks somewhat confused, not knowing where to enter, he studies hard and fails more.

On the fifth, Conceicao he becomes dominator of the rhythm, the ring, the time and the distance. He walks the ring, he comes out with talented steps. He puts his punches in quick, short combinations; hit and go. Valdez’s responses are erratic, confusing. It is the best round of Robson Conceicao. and the Brazilian knows it. He brags, he walks arrogantly, he turns his back on Valdez. Dominate even in psychological warfare that round.

The Mexican began to look a little better in the second half of the fight. In the sixth round, Conceicao it stops more, and Valdez find distance. Land several power blows that swing Robson, although they do not hurt him. More power, and more volume for Valdez. Conceicao lose rhythm.

In the seventh, Robson Conceicao avoids combat, and no longer effective. He no longer tries short combinations like before. Lose round due to inactivity. Valdez he chases after him, attacks, hits some power shots, and does not give ground. It seems to be coming back in the fight.

Robson he resumed and applied again in the eighth, after two rounds of avoiding combat. He works the jab very well, sometimes on repetition and with that he keeps Valdez that cannot enter. Robson He no longer ran in round eight, and works smarter with the jab.

In the ninth round, Valdez He seemed to pick up the pace of the fight. It is more active, and Robson shuns more. It is a closed round, and the referee deducts a point from Robson for hitting on the back of the neck. Robson is no longer systematic, he improvises more, and Valdez it is more frontal.

Robson he continues to shy away from combat with sporadic jabs in the 10th. He walks the ring, he goes out on the sides. Valdez try to go to the front, and hit power shots. He already looks a bit desperate, and with urgency. The best hit gets it Robson, but it’s not enough.

In the eleventh, Robson he’s handy again using the jab and shift. He handles distance excellently, and makes everything fail at a Valdez that already looks desperate. The Mexican throws knockouts, looking to win with one hand, but fails to connect.

Robson flee combat again in the final round. Avoid, hug, move. Valdez to the front, he is more active, he throws more blows, he chases. And although he is not lucid, nor does he put power blows, Valdez dominates by increased activity.

Robson Conceicao It was an indecipherable riddle for Oscar Valdez. The Mexican managed to tighten the fight based on two rounds that Robson he gave away bragging and avoiding combat, and another round where they rigorously deducted a point.

He won the house. From the unfairly deducted point, to the favorable cards for Oscar Valdez, the Sonoran won at his second home, Tucson, Arizona. Right there where they let him fight despite positive doping.

With many doubts, Oscar Valdez he retains the WBC super featherweight world championship, but does so with a stain that will be indelible on his career.

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